started by: Gorge-Kolin-996605 · last update: 1623764652 · posted: 1623756992

HI! I need a good washer! Where can I find one?

started by: SatuDuaTiga · last update: 1414747989 · posted: 1414747989

Hi all. I'm looking to buy a normal sofa to a normal price, where to go? I have found a lot of sofas made in wood, they look nice but not what i'm looking for or normal sofas in very expensive shops. Thanks. SatuDuaTiga

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1414443743 · posted: 1392324565

Hi all, I bought a piece of land a few years ago and i plan to build a house to rent out. How much should i pay per square meter for decent quality? Some has told me Rp 2,500,000 / M2 and some Rp 6,000,000 / M2 and all in between so i feel confused. Mac

started by: Peter Pan-369196 · last update: 1414443216 · posted: 1408362182

I would need the contact details to a recommended repair man specialised in piping. Thanks. Peter

started by: Seaview-955587 · last update: 1406728803 · posted: 1406068462

Hi, I'm thinking about to buy a solar water heater to save the planet and to do some economy on the electric bills as well. How much does a good solar water heater costs for a 4 bedroom house? Does this system works well? Seaview

started by: Spader Four · last update: 1403875737 · posted: 1403700911

Hi. I'm looking for a shop that sell high end home cinema products. Thanks. Spader Four

started by: Lazerbeam. · last update: 1402661676 · posted: 1402661676

Where can i rent blankets for 7 paxs. The blankets have to be in good shape and to be clean. Thanks.

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1393755626 · posted: 1393279515

I'm looking for a place to rent and i have been looking around at different websites for real estate. Sometimes houses are more expensive then villas and sometimes a house got a pool and some villas not. I'm confused. What's the difference? Oscar

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1390954200 · posted: 1390954200

Hi, What should i expect to pay for a 2 bedroom house with a pool around Kerobokan? Yearly rental. Oscar

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1386703700 · posted: 1386703700

I need an advice, we have just moved to a new 2 stories house and we have a living room and 2 bed rooms on the second floor, the staircase between the 2 floors are very small and i can't bring up many things this way. Do you think that a professional mover can help me to bring things up from down directly to the second floor? If yes do you have some recommendations to a professional mover. Many thanks. Mac

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1382274248 · posted: 1382074686

Hi, How much should i pay my gardener, he come and work 3 days every Week and every time around 5 Hours. Thanks. Summersun

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1381317867 · posted: 1381236686

Hi, i have just moved to a new house in Kerobokan. In the house there are some rats and they freak me out, i didn't see any when i did visit the house or i would never have rented this house. Please any help, who can i contact to get rid of the rats. Many thanks. Summersun

started by: Karma in Bali · last update: 1381045548 · posted: 1381045548

I would like to repaint the outside of my house. Any recommendations would be helpful, i need a good and non toxic paint that doesn't cost the same price as a new car. Thanks. Venus

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1380380709 · posted: 1376924410

I would like to buy some furnitures from IKEA. Where is the closest store? Does Jakarta have an IKEA store? I know there is one in Singapore but it may be complicated to import the stuff from there. Mac

started by: Kiss Bali · last update: 1380221020 · posted: 1379074551

Hi, I would like to buy one or two palm trees for my garden. I live in Seminyak. Where to go? Great Weekend. Kiss Bali

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1377624083 · posted: 1377624083

Hi, I would like to buy a solar water heater to use less electricity. Where should i go? Are there any brands to avoid? Thanks. Summersun

started by: crusoes-369320 · last update: 1377092085 · posted: 1377016710

I'm looking for someone to do renovations on our large house. I have many jobs that needs to be done painting, ceiling repairs and more jobs. If anyone can help with good people please reply thank you..

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1375477007 · posted: 1374579596

Hi, Me and my family have to leave Bali later on this year for about 4-5 Months any advise on where to find a good and honest house keeper? Thanks. Summersun

started by: Steve Perth · last update: 1375033144 · posted: 1375033144

Hi guys, My neighbour is moving and gave us a sofa, we really like the sofa but it's in need of a deep cleaning. Any advises how to get the cleaning done? Thanks. Steve

started by: Lazerbeam. · last update: 1374072500 · posted: 1373643778

Hi, Where is a good place to buy antique furniture's from Bali? Thanks. Lazerbeam

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