Because people don't have wings, they look for ways to fly. where's the quote from?

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Somehow I like this quote, but I can't find where it came from


Nickolas-Arcani-992554 1624886502

I don't even know where it could be from. I would have thought it was from a cartoon. But then it turns out to be some kind of drama) So I'll just wait for an answer from those who know.

Albi-Germin-992555 1625136341

Yes, I can see why it was so hard to find. It's a quote from the anime Haikyuu! - Anime. A lot of people don't like anime, but there really are worthwhile thoughts there , I also love Miya Chinen. Finding quotes from anime takes longer than quotes from books, but you can find it I recommend watching it, I'm sure you won't regret it. 

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