Is a pen pal relationship real or not?

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Is it possible to maintain a pen-pal relationship so that it grows into a real, strong relationship?


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I believe that nothing is unrealistic. The main thing is to find something to hook the person. If you write with mistakes and two words in a sentence, you are unlikely to succeed. But if you are a writer, or at least try to express your thoughts beautifully, it becomes more real. Even 100 to 200 years ago, people fell in love with each other by correspondence. Nowadays of course there are more temptations around, but everything is in your hands and in the hands of your significant other.

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I find that in this day and age, it's very easy to maintain a long-distance relationship. We don't have to write letters like we did 100 years ago, we're not limited to plain text in messages like we were 20 years ago. We can send emoji, gifs, pictures, photos, videos. We can broadcast our whole lives into a smartphone screen. I met a girl from Russia on the website for russian brides and we communicated like that for half a year, and we even had an intimate connection via video chat. So it is possible to maintain passion at a distance

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