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Can I bring a dog from bali to Lombok ?, I have been told that I can't.  

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My dog has ticks, any advise who to see? or what product to buy? and where to buy the product? Many thanks. Pepe

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Hi there am looking for advice, Our family are moving to Bali this Summer from the Uk and would like to bring our pet dog with us. There seems to be lots of conflicting information on whether pets are allows in from rabies free countries like the Uk. Does anyone know what the procedures are and any names of contacts who could make this happen, would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards

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Hi all, My daughter wants a dog and i'm ready to buy one for her next birthday. Where is a good place to buy a dog with some kind of certification ?   Cheers.   Pepe

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H all,I have heard that there is a new veterinary centre with International standards around Kuta.Does anyone have some information about this ?What i have heard is that it's a great place and much needed in Bali.Thanks.Mac

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Hi, Please help me i have rats in my house, i hate it and i feel afraid every time i have to go to a room alone.It probably means that we don't have snakes but i don't know what makes my the most afraid rats or snakes.Does someone have a contact to have our house been taken care of ?Thanks.Cantik

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Hi, I have heard that they found at least one dog with rabies in Tuban last week.It's very scary !Does anyone have any updates about the situation ?Andy

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Hi.My previous neighbours had a dog, when they did move out from their house they didn't bring the dog with them.The dog has now become a stray dog and it breaks my heart i see the dog it looks into my in the eyes and seek for attention.What can i do ? Who can i call to have someone help this dog ?I can't take the dog because my son is allergic to dogs.Peter

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Hi We have received a local puppy from neighbours.Where is a good place to have rabies shot done ?Thanks.Steve

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Hi, I have to go to Europe Monday next week due to illness in family.I have two beautiful dogs that need a place where to stay.When i did live in Europe we did use hotels for dogs 24h/24h and it was perfect.Do someone know if this service exist in Bali ?Thanks.Chloe

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Hello, I just found a Cobra in my garden this morning, it make me so afraid my heart still beats fast!I asked one of my neighbours to help me and he was kind and could lift the Cobra with a stick and pull him out.Have you had some snakes in your garden or had you meet them at some other places ?How many different kinds of dangerous snakes does exists in Bali ? And how to recognise them ?Thanks and happy Easter to all.Venus

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Hi all,I'm looking for a very good pet Doctor and also a clean Western style Pet hospital (if it does exist in Bali ?).One of my dogs have difficulties to walk since Yesterday and i'm afraid he needs an operation and to stay in the hospital for a few days after.Very grateful for advices.Cantik

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Can anyone tell me what the process is for importing dogs to Bali from the UK?

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Can anyone tell me what dangers there are for pets in Bali? I'm talking about insects and diseases in particular. Thanks in advance!

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Can anyone recommend a good vet please?

started by: charlie-369183 · last update: 1318342997 · posted: 1317909902

Does anyone know of a local shelter I could go to to adopt a dog please?

started by: OZ-369184 · last update: 1317909648 · posted: 1317738404

I know it is a little early but I am looking for a reliable person to stay at my place and take care of my Australian Shephard for 2 weeks at Christmas time. Can you recommend anyone please?

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This area is for discussing local issues regarding animals, whether tame or wild!-----Classifieds & Discussions Administrator

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