started by: Cantik · last update: 1418024643 · posted: 1389864764

Hi, There are a few new fitness clubs in Bali. i'm thinking about to join one of them but i would like some more information about them. 1. Celebrity fitness in Lippo Mall on Sunset Road. 2. Ade Rai Sunset Fitness, behind Sushi Tei on Jl. Sunset Road. I would like to know if the people that are in the clubs are nice? If the instructors are good? Thanks. Cantik

started by: Karma in Bali · last update: 1411239695 · posted: 1411239695

Hi, Is there a place where i can go and use my Roller blades? Venus

started by: SatuDuaTiga · last update: 1410019720 · posted: 1410019720

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any other private sports clubs than Canggu Club in the south? SatuDuaTiga

started by: Peter Pan-369196 · last update: 1409410862 · posted: 1409318138

Hi, I'm thinking about to get a membership at Canggu Club. Anyone been there recently? How are the standards? Not to crowded? Thanks. Peter

started by: Kiss Bali · last update: 1408104045 · posted: 1408023299

I did take some lessons a few years ago but i'm a beginner. Would like to play time to time, any recommendation about an easy/beginners golf course? Kiss Bali

started by: Julia-369305 · last update: 1407596854 · posted: 1407531559

I used to go and did love 3V in Kerobokan but i have heard that it has been closed down. Any recommendations for another club? Julia

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1406208947 · posted: 1406208947

Hi, Is there a company or a club that does organize skidiving in Bali? Summersun

started by: Julia-369305 · last update: 1404746139 · posted: 1404746139

Are there any big amusement parks in Bali such as Disneyland, Universal Studios or similar? Julia

started by: Thunder-955591 · last update: 1403984527 · posted: 1403984527

I'm looking for a futsal where foreigners and locals can play together for fun moments. Thunder

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1403115686 · posted: 1337175785

Hi, I would love to go fishing in Bali, to the sea, in lakes or rivers.Any recommendations ?Thanks.Oscar

started by: Spader Four · last update: 1403115256 · posted: 1363595681

Hi, If i go on a fishing trip in the sea around Bali, what fish can i get? What fish is funny to catch? Spader Four

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1400761156 · posted: 1400596600

Hi buddies, Where is a good place to kayaking? Someone told me that Sanur is great because not many waves? Oscar

started by: Thunder-955591 · last update: 1398160539 · posted: 1397918907

I know that Indonesians are very good at Badminton so there has to be some places to play right? I haven't played in a long time but would love to give it a go again. Thanks for your help.

started by: Steve Perth · last update: 1396021864 · posted: 1395993396

Hi, I love to see a TV series from home. I can't access The Pirate Bay anymore as it has been blocked by my internet provider any solutions? Steve

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1395521193 · posted: 1395439024

Hi, Is there any companies that offers flying lessons in Bali? Thanks. Mac

started by: Spader Four · last update: 1392830307 · posted: 1392738510

I would like to take PADI open water dive course, where to go? Thanks. Spader Four

started by: Lazerbeam. · last update: 1392658776 · posted: 1388921050

Hi, I had a very nice and powerful jet ski when i was living in Europe (France), a lot of fun. I would like to buy a Yamaha Waverunner in Bali. I have tried to find information on the net but until now without success. Does a Yamaha jet ski shop exist in Bali or if not in Jakarta? Thanks. Lazerbeam

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1390755929 · posted: 1390569886

Hi, I would like to buy a bike any recommendations? Thanks.

started by: Spader Four · last update: 1389968817 · posted: 1389968817

Hi, I love to fish and i have often seen people fishing on the road towards Serangan Island. Is it permitted to fish on that road and on Serangan itself? Spader Four

started by: mjdean1984 · last update: 1388391238 · posted: 1385994734

Hi I am thinking of bring my jet ski over from Australia but not sure what tax's I may be hit with? Luxury good s tax? And similar.... Anyone imported luxury goods before and associated costs????

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