started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1370264755 · posted: 1370264755

Hi, Where can i play badminton in South Bali? Is there any clubs? Thanks. Summersun

started by: Lazerbeam. · last update: 1370008679 · posted: 1370008679

Hi, I want to go biking (VTT) in the forest. Can someone advise me about where to go? Where there are some nice tracks. Nice Weekend to all. Lazerbeam

started by: Julia-369305 · last update: 1368191557 · posted: 1367596266

Hi, One of my good friends will visit Bali in July with her family after my recommendations. She wants to put her twin daughters (11 years old) to a pony camp for one Week. Any suggestions please? Thanks. Julia

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1367595949 · posted: 1367595949

Hi, I would like to start to swim, great exercise. I'm looking for a public pool or a Hotel pool that allows people from outside. Have to be a minimum 25 meters long. Thanks for the help. Mac

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1367080623 · posted: 1366744839

I have been to Canggu Club in the past and i did really enjoy it. Someone is selling a membership to Canggu Club on this website under classifieds and i'm really interested. Is it still good? Or is it different? Thanks. Summersun

started by: Kiss Bali · last update: 1366735846 · posted: 1366397002

Dear friends, My daughter wants to join a judo club. Any hints around Jimbaran? Kiss Bali

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1364489067 · posted: 1364231688

Hi, I would like to bring my daughter and a friend of her to do some horseriding. I know there are a lot of clubs and places that have lessons. I would like a place where i can bring the kids for a couple of hours have a good time. Any hints? Thanks. Summersun

started by: Cantik · last update: 1361788826 · posted: 1361690973

Hi please help. I would love to learn and to practice Capoeira. I have been looking but still not find a place. Thanks. Cantik

started by: AndyBali-369543 · last update: 1360527417 · posted: 1360233557

Hi guys, I have moved from Kerobokan to Sanur. I'm looking for a pool to do some swimming time to time. It should be clean and at least 25 Meters long. I would like to find a pool as Taman Segara Madu in Canggu. Thank. AndyBali

started by: Cantik · last update: 1359794692 · posted: 1358474264

Hi all, I'm looking for a secret/hidden beautiful beach away from the crowd. Someone told me about White sand beach in Karangasem, someone knows about this place ? Have a great Weekend. Cantik

started by: pepenero · last update: 1359456730 · posted: 1359295002

Hi, I would like to make a family trip to Serangan Island (close to Sanur) and visit the turtle farm. Is it good and worth the trip? Thanks. Pepe

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1358869119 · posted: 1358754631

I want to do some kitesurfing in Bali this summer. I heard that Sanur is a good place to do, can i have a confirmation ? And advice where to go ? Thanks a lot. Oscar

started by: Steve Perth · last update: 1358329798 · posted: 1357651814

Hi,I want to go to Menjangan Island for a couple of days i heard that snorkelling is fantastic over there.Have someone been ?Where to stay ?Where to catch the boat ?Schedule for the boat ?And if you have some other insights would be nice.Thanks.Steve

started by: Peter Pan-369196 · last update: 1357814622 · posted: 1357730438

Hello, We will soon move to Sanur. I will need a fitness centre around. Any recommendations ? Peter

started by: pepenero · last update: 1357399032 · posted: 1357399032

I want to bring the children to the night safari at Bali safari and marine park. Is it worth a visit ? Pepe

started by: ingemar-886153 · last update: 1356554348 · posted: 1356530893

hi all , im looking for a kick boxing club in the area of Nusa Dua or Jimbaran.  Have been to Dojo Aora in Seminyak few times but find it to far away from home in the present cracy traffic.  

started by: Summersun-369359 · last update: 1355996865 · posted: 1355845450

Hi all, Soon Christmas, my son want the new WII U game console for Christmas. Where can i buy it in Bali ? Thanks. Summersun

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1355788162 · posted: 1355788162

Hi, I would like to join a football team later on to have some fun and in the same time do some exercises. Anyone knows about a nice team ? Oscar

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1353154296 · posted: 1352637784

Hi, I would have some insights and recommendations from someone that has walked up to the the top of Mount Agung. Like best time to go, guide recommendation, what you need to bring clothes and food and so on. Thanks all ! Oscar

started by: pepenero · last update: 1352125557 · posted: 1351780642

Hi,This year was very difficult for me and i have neglected my training no time and no will.I would like to pick up training again next year and would like to have some recommendations about a personal trainer.I would like to train 3-4 times a Week cardio training and weights.Any recommendations ?Thanks.Pepe

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