started by: Cantik · last update: 1338381182 · posted: 1338207468

Hi,I have recently lost a lot of weight and i do now feel confident to train in public.I would love to try Zumba seems to be so much fun.Where can i go for Zumba classes in Bali ?Thanks.Cantik

started by: Mac Beth · last update: 1338318441 · posted: 1338153764

I like to go biking, road bike and mountain bike as well.I would like to join a club or a few people that go riding together regularly, i start to be bored to bike alone.Please let me know if you have an advice for me.Thanks.Mac

started by: Cantik · last update: 1337030603 · posted: 1332939144

Hi all,In Bali there are spa's everywhere like growing mushrooms.Can you folks advice me on your favourite spa's ?I like to change and try new ones from time to time.Thanks.Cantik

started by: pepenero · last update: 1336672766 · posted: 1336499081

Hi, I want to find a nice bar where i can watch different sports events on a big screen together with other sport fans.Do you have some recommendations ?Thanks.Pepe

started by: Julia-369305 · last update: 1336419996 · posted: 1334996849

Hi, I want to know if it exist a karting track in Bali ?So much fun!Julia

started by: Andy-369195 · last update: 1335792905 · posted: 1335684881

Hi all,Today is a beautiful Sunday with sun!Me and my family my wife and our to daughters will spend the day at the beach.We like Geger beach in Nusa Dua, but the beach have shrinking a lot with the on going construction of the Mulia hotel.Sometimes we go to Padang Padang beach that is lovely but in the after noon when the tide brings the water away there are big rocks in the middle of the beach and it's very unpleasant.Dream land used to be nice but now days it's ugly!Can you give us some recommendations where you like to go and spend the day at the beach.Thanks.Andy

started by: pepenero · last update: 1335536218 · posted: 1335281143

Hi, I did watch the Bali Marathon last Sunday.I feel motivated to start to run again and maybe participate in the Marathon next year.You guys that run in Bali, where do you run ? Are you members of a club ? Do you meet up and run together time to time ?Thanks.Pepe

started by: pepenero · last update: 1333979361 · posted: 1333804138

Hi, I'm training hard in this moment, would like to gain some weight in muscles.Where can i find some decent protein powder at a decent price in Bali ?I don't like the L'Men products that they have everywhere including Carrefour's.Thanks.Pepe

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1332938479 · posted: 1332759317

Hi friends. Where can i find good used surf equipments such as surf boards and body boards ?Thanks.Oscar

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1332759169 · posted: 1332675226

Hi. Can someone give me recommendations to a good and affordable surf school around Kuta and Seminyak area please ?Thanks.Oscar

started by: Oscar Wilde-369225 · last update: 1331753856 · posted: 1331579108

Hi dear friends. I will be back to Bali this summer in June or July.Would love to have some advices about fishing:- Where to go fishing ?- What fish that can be caught ?- An advice for a company to use ?Thanks a lot.Oscar W.

started by: Steve Perth · last update: 1330939289 · posted: 1330551367

Hi,I want to bring my family for some rafting.There are many many companies that does offers rafting in Bali, difficult to make a good choice.Can you forum members give some advises, experiences and recommendations please ?Steve

started by: Karma in Bali · last update: 1330938946 · posted: 1330759444

Hi,I have heard that there is a strawberry field in the North of Bali where you can pay a fee and after go and pick up your own berries.Does someone knows where it is ?Thanks.Venus

started by: Andy-369195 · last update: 1330759564 · posted: 1330551126

Hi friends.Yesterday i was talking to an expat that told me that in the past there was a company in Nusa Dua that did offered hot air balloon tours, he didn't know if the company still operates.If you know about this please share on the forum.Thanks.Andy

started by: Cantik · last update: 1330632207 · posted: 1330551562

Hi,I'm looking for a pro tennis shop or at least a very good sport shop with a tennis equipment section.If someone has some recommendations, please share.Thanks.Cantik

started by: Cantik · last update: 1329780337 · posted: 1329410613

Hi all,I used to be good at horse riding in my younger years and i miss it.I would like to join a club and to go riding on a regular basis.Can i have some recommendations please ?Cantik

started by: OZ-369184 · last update: 1328220657 · posted: 1327961816

Hello does anyone know of an acqua gym class please? I really need to find a low impact sport to do and that seems like my best bet. In the sea ideally...

started by: charlie-369183 · last update: 1325723658 · posted: 1325723658

I'd really like to go on a yoga retreat where I can also detox. Ideally it should last at least one week. Any ideas please?

started by: Cantik · last update: 1325607489 · posted: 1324895105

Hi.I want to learn to surf.Can someone recommend a good school ?Thanks.Cantik.

started by: Steve Perth · last update: 1323860908 · posted: 1323341741

Hi I would like to know about where to find a nice place to play tennis in South Bali? I'm also interested to take tennis lessons and to find someone to play tennis with. Thanks. Steve.

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