Asia Rent A Car

Car Hire, Rental & Leasing

Special promotion prices for an extensive range of new cars from economy to luxury cars and passenger vans to 4-wheel drives. First class insurance, free delivery, one-way rentals, with driver or self drive, easy payment and 24-hour emergency assistance. 36/7-8 Changwatana Road, Tungsonghong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210

Asia Rent A Car has been in the car retail business for over 20 years. Our primary business is leasing automobiles primarly to private individuals, as well as companies.

This contrasts sharply to the specifically defined objectives of our parent company, which rents solely to governmental organisations and to companies in the semi-government sponsered corporate sector. Our parent company, Siam Ratakit, was founded in 1995 and currently has a fleet of 1,200 cars, trucks and passenger vans. We sincerely believe that our long term experience in this business, coupled with our professional management, guaranatees customer satisfaction when selecting us.

Our strong business principles and philosophy clearly define who and what we are:

  1. Flexibility - We are confident that our long term experience, coupled by our capability to adjust to the specialized needs of each customer, will ensure complete levels of satisfaction.
  2. Satisfaction - We place great emphasis on the quality of our service, as customer satisfaction forms the heart of our business and we clearly understand that ultimate customer satisfaction is our most endearing reward, whether received now later.
  3. Harmony - We hold a strong belief in establishing confident customer alliances where the customer, like a friend, walks with us on our journey into the future. Moreover, we sincerely give credence to doing business in an ever changing world whhere both friends and partners grow steadily together to suceed in lifes ventures.