Kingswood Language School and Translation and Interpreter Centre

Probably the best value language school on Soi Thonglor. Learning a new language does not have to a long, challenging, daunting task.  

Beginner Thai Language Speaking Courses 

  • Start 1st Monday of every month
  • 4,600 Bht for 30 hour course
  • Class size 4 - 6 students
  • Group Course 1 - Monday / Wednesday / Friday    09:30 – 11:00
  • Group Course 2 - Tuesday / Thursday                     09:30 – 11:00

Free trial lesson
Family Discounts
100% Money Back Guarantee
Transferable Fees
Free Course Materials
Flexible Study Options

Thai Language Courses

Our courses focus on language that is relevant to you.
Our courses allow you to communicate immediately.
Our courses teach you to understand ambiguity. You do not need to understand every word to understand a new language
Our courses will teach you to mix words to increase communication. If you learn and mix 10 verbs, 10 nouns, 10 adjectives you can say 100’s of different things
Our teachers and staff will communicate with you as language parents, allowing you to practice the language even after the lesson has finished.  
Our teachers do not over correct mistakes but encourage you to speak the language even if it is not perfect.

When you first join a course we ask you to give us your top 5 language goals and then we make lessons that will teach you only what you have asked to learn. At the end of this we ask you for your next 5 language goals and the process continues. It is very important that you choose and set your own goals as this will make learning faster, easier and much more fun.

We can also teach English, French, Spanish and other languages as well as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. Furthermore, we teach IGCSE and AS Level subjects for high school students.

Kingswood has a translation service, an interpreter service and a notary service for all of your business and personal needs.