Kwong Chow School English Program

Strong emphasis on the learning of English, Chinese, Thai and Spanish languages as well as encouraging problem solving, building solutions and creative thinking. Unique curriculum that emphasises the importance of communication. 525 Silom Road, Bangrak.


With decades of giving quality education to young citizens, the Kwong Siew School, now currently known as Kwong Chow School is continuously educating and inspiring children so that they can contribute not only to their local community but to the community at large.

Brief History of Kwong Chow School

KWONG CHOW originated from WA-YEK SCHOOL between 1911 and 1914, after the end of CHENG DYNASTY, China had given great importance to education, particularly to overseas Chinese. They realised that education was the most important factor in doing business and being successful. KCS was a merger of those four KWONG SIEW MENG TAK BOY SCHOOL and KWONG TAK GIRL SCHOOL, and WAHNAM BOY SCHOOL and KITPONG GIRL SCHOOL, which were established on 16 JUNE, 1932. The schools were reopened again on November 11, 1946 and later on merged and were renamed as KWONG CHOW SCHOOL.

What we offer to our students….

Our facilities are up to date and consist of the latest technologies. Our educational program facilities have built a well-equipped computer room with 24-hour Internet access, thus enabling a strong emphasis in ICT and computer comprehension, KCS also has included separate science laboratories constructed specifically for biology, physics, and chemistry. Along with our applied sciences and computer facilities, we have a modern library, P.E., dance, music and art rooms, a large newly refurbished auditorium and play area, a state of the art mini theater, two swimming pools, badminton and basketball courts. Here at Kwong Chow School our goal is to offer only the best of facilities to ensure a progressive, interactive learning environment for our students. Centre for YCT/HSK Chinese Exams, IGCSE/A Levels Exams Centre and ICDL Centre 


Here at Kwong Chow we are dedicated to nurture and educate children, helping them develop in physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth according to age and capacity.

We are committed to provide a fun-filled, multi-cultural, conducive learning environment that aims to integrate English, Thai and Chinese languages with the core subjects of; Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Health and Physical Education.

Our teachers and faculty are by far the most dedicated group that you will find. Our staff is constantly working hard, together as a team, to make certain that our students are given only the best opportunities.

Here at the Kwong Chow School our Kindergarten program prepares and educates our students to develop into well rounded intellectual young individuals.


Our elementary education provides students with the building blocks for a greater future, and is accredited by the office of the National Education standard quality assurance of Thailand, known as ONESQA.

Students study five languages: English, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish; while all non-language based lessons are conducted in English. Students at elementary level are groomed for higher level achievements by teaching a British syllabus, which is at least a year ahead of Thai governmental regulation. This fast track educational system means that our students outperform most of their peers in regulated national achievement tests. At KCS we offer Cambridge and YCT testing for all students, with a maximum of 20 per class.

Furthermore, our small classes now ensure that all students receive personal guidance in a cozy environment. This type of learning environment has proven especially successful with rapid improvements shown by newly enrolled students.

Our teachers and staff have only the best interests of our students and accept nothing but great achievements from them.

Here at Kwong Chow School our students are given the tools to succeed.


Our chief aim at KCS is to educate and inspire children so that they grow into mature, well-educated, and culturally aware adults. It is our belief that by enabling children to communicate in different languages: English, Chinese, Thai, and the ASEAN languages they cannot only contribute greatly to their local community but to the community at large.

Here at KCS we believe that important skills such as leadership, guidance, trust, taking risks and not being afraid to fail, all while having fun is the way we can develop and prepare our students to be successful in the real world.     

Along with being well-rounded individuals, our students are groomed for British GCSE, A level and SAT exams. We provide a comprehensive and updated international syllabus and textbooks; which is on par with the most prestigious international schools around the world.

We develop these important skills through high teacher/student interactive lessons, community involvement, and character building field trips and camps. We are committed to providing a fun-filled, multi-cultural, conducive learning environment for all of our students here at the Kwong Chow School.