Naveed & Sonika Coaching Co., Ltd

Sonika Madarasmi is the first mindset coach certified by Bob Proctor in Thailand, helping individuals, families and companies achieve their dreams and break comfort zones, fears and anything else holding them back from doing what they really love.

Naveed & Sonika specialize in helping every individual, family or corporation achieve the results of their dreams.

You know that rush of feelings you get when you have a clear vision of what you really want to accomplish? That drive, that energy, those thoughts that go into your fantasy?

But then, you talk to someone about it... and you decide its not worth it. You tell yourself "Im fine where I am", and that "Its impossible to accomplish anyway."

You leave that idea, that dream, that fantasy locked away in your mind - and you are going about your daily routine, telling yourself and others that you dont need more than this.

But think about this for a minute.. what if you could really achieve every single goal you have in mind? What if you actually give those dreams some serious thought? What possibilities could you create for your life and your loved ones?

This is exactly what were here to help you achieve. We dont believe in concepts or programs that will simply help you on the surface, with the risk of you returning right back to who you were.

We are here to show you how to get RESULTS THAT STICK. Lifelong. No exceptions.

It doesnt matter if you are already successful in your business or you dont have a business at all - because there are still things that you REALLY want, but you are rejecting them.

Were Naveed & Sonika, married in our early 20s with ridiculous dreams of what we wanted to achieve. We have come to understand something about the human mind - we now know that all it takes is one CLICK in our minds for us to have everything we desire.

Our learning and determination led us to Bob Proctor, a legacy in the personal development field; a man with over 50 years of experience in the area of human growth. We didnt know how, we didnt know why - but we knew we wanted to learn his material and everything about him.

Today, we are certified consultants of the Thinking Into Results program created by Bob Proctor and amazingly successful law attorney and visionary, Sandra Gallagher.

Our goal in life has become to make every human being aware of their infinite potential, and their ability to create their dreams and the life they desire.

We are here to help you every step of the way - using this phenomenal 24 week program that will give you results that youve never imagined you were capable of. We cannot begin to tell you where this program can take you.

Get involved in this. You will love it.