Pic-A-Pet 4 Home

Non-profit pet adoption agency finding good homes for abandoned dogs and cats. Run by volunteers, also holds regular adoption events. Contact Tharinee (Carrie) for more details.

A Volunteer group of animal lovers doing their best to convince society to give homeless animals, our underprivileged friends, a chance.  Please show compassion by adopting these animals.  We believe the homeless animal problem will gradually disappear with the input of people who help us tackle the different aspect of the issue.  One of these manners to combat the issue, and maybe also the most important: give a family to a homeless pet. 

We at Pic-A-Pet4Home believe that there are kind and loving people out there who want to see dogs and cats living in harmony with humans. What we are trying to achieve is to campaign for people to give love to homeless pets.  These pets used to have a home; some of them used to have owners.  

Being a stray dog/cat in Thailand means having a hard life. Also often called "Temple dogs/cats", these stray animals often end their life miserably either through car accidents or being poisoned. 

Beyond that, mens best friends are often abused by cruel people, in unimaginable and painful ways - not to mention often also trafficked as meat to neighbouring countries.