Siam Motor World

Siam Motor World Servicing the motoring needs of Expats in Thailand.

We are a Bangkok based company run by a British and a Thai manager who have over 20 years experience working in the Thailand Expatriate motor trade.

We provide specialist services to Expats and visitors. Our wide range of services include:
The sale of new cars and 4x4s direct from the manufacturer.
Used cars and 4x4s either from Expats advertising on our website or sourced from the local market.
Monthly rental.
Service and maintenance.
Import and export of vehicles and accessories.
Local sale of accessories for all cars and 4x4s.
Performance upgrades and tuning for all cars and 4x4s.
Advice and assistance in gaining car finance.
Registration transfer, yearly tax and insurance, driving licenses, import registration.
vehicle valuation.
Call out car and documentation evaluation and general check over.