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Bechara Tarabay 0 General
Do the lawyer Bechara Tarabay h...
started by: Marilyn-Lewis-895438 · last update: 1493641707 · posted: 1493641707
Conversion of film to DVD 0 General
I have 13 Super 8, 7.5cm diameter reels;2 Super 8, 18cm. d...
started by: Edward-Carter-898594 · last update: 1493193606 · posted: 1493193606
Dimple key cutting 0 Home & Garden
I bought a nice Yale lock with Dimple key for my front door, but now come the time when I must make key copies a...
started by: Julien-Vanhoenacker-880523 · last update: 1482043194 · posted: 1482043194
Real Christmas Trees 4 Home & Garden
We have not been here long but would really like to buy a real Christmas Tree, if you know where I can find this...
started by: Tulips-905151 · last update: 1481194712 · posted: 1446884572
I crashed my new car 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I gave my girlfriend the money to buy a new car. She decided to buy an Isuzu MU-X 4x4 3.0 and we collected it on...
started by: robert.galfskiy · last update: 1479123233 · posted: 1476847778
Maids/Nanny/Senior Care/Pet Care 0 Families & Kids
Are you looking for a reliable Caregiver? Do you need somebody to tidy up your place? Bangkok Care Solutions got...
started by: Bangkok Care Solutions · last update: 1470286728 · posted: 1470286728
Sailing Hua Hin 0 Sport & Leisure
Anyone know a good long term Marina for a 40' sailing Yacht in Hua Hin or nearby. Also anywhere nearby to do sai...
started by: Steven-Heathcote-860593 · last update: 1464318184 · posted: 1464318184
Thailand bans Turkeys imports 4 Food & Drink
Does anyone know the updated position on the Governments ban of USA Turkeys since the health scare there in Amer...
started by: JohnnyR · last update: 1461813047 · posted: 1445031299
Financial Instrument 0 Financial & Legal
We specialize in Bank Guarantee lease and sales, there are two types of bank guarantee which are Direct Bank Gua...
started by: Fazliq-Kader · last update: 1460474267 · posted: 1460474267
Mozzies 2 Home & Garden
Wow so many Mozzies around. What bis the most effective way to deal with them.
started by: if not today, when? · last update: 1456767986 · posted: 1456124795
Import Pet 2 Pets & Animals
Hello, does anyone know what the procedure is in bringing a pet dog from the UK to Thailand is. Ive been trying ...
started by: marike · last update: 1456758026 · posted: 1456732531
Self storage 1 General
Does anyone know of a professional self storage facility in Bangkok?
started by: JohnnyR · last update: 1456736204 · posted: 1456601707
Hotel between Nana & Soi Cowboy 0 Entertainment
I will be arriving in Thailand to ce3lebrate Songkran and wouls\d like to stay in the Sukhumvit area at a 4 star...
started by: moonbuggy · last update: 1456732701 · posted: 1456732701
Music Streaming in Thailand 1 Entertainment
As my spotify account doesn't work in Thailand unless I mess about with a VPN which makes the process messy, is ...
started by: BTS rocks · last update: 1456479592 · posted: 1456473083
Chess Club 2 Entertainment
Does anyone know if there is a chess club in Bangkok?
started by: spices-905155 · last update: 1456473173 · posted: 1446884489
Bike Lessons 0 Families & Kids
Does anyone know of somewhere I can take my 8 year old son for bicycle lessons. he needs to learn the safe way t...
started by: greta-876962 · last update: 1456132211 · posted: 1456132211
Recommendations for a Urologist 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Will be visiting BKK for 3 weeks and would like to make an appointment with a good urologist. I had radic...
started by: Jollytinker · last update: 1456069508 · posted: 1452429691
6 month stay in Thailand 1 Financial & Legal
I am planning to stay in Thailand for at least 6 months starting in Oct. and want to leave myself enough time to...
started by: cindee · last update: 1455879632 · posted: 1455824731
Mac Air 0 General
I want to buy a new MAC AIR, if somebody has a good dealer, shop to reccomend where they speak English please le...
started by: silom jane · last update: 1454436623 · posted: 1454436623
Xiaomi 2 General
Are there any stores selling Xiaomi phones in Bangkok?
started by: Sanuk · last update: 1454106511 · posted: 1454029023
Prescription Glasses 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Any recommendations as to where one can buy good quality and well priced spectacles in Bangkok please?
started by: Jollytinker · last update: 1451404513 · posted: 1451404513
Tena Incontinence Products for men 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know if one can buy these in Bangkok? Need Level 1 pads after a radical prostatectomy. Thank you for a...
started by: Jollytinker · last update: 1451404341 · posted: 1451404341
Golf membership 0 Sport & Leisure
I am looking for a golf membership , i have contacted the clubs but not getting much back from them , any clubs ...
started by: Bkkmatt · last update: 1451234823 · posted: 1451234823
living and last Will and probate 3 Financial & Legal
Would you know what to do if someone dies? Do you know the Thai legal process? Did you know that t...
started by: blackjack-453092 · last update: 1450869802 · posted: 1450084767
New Tourist Visa Laws 3 Financial & Legal
Does anyone have any real experience with the new tourist visa rules yet?
started by: JohnnyR · last update: 1450342935 · posted: 1447088417
Changes to State Pension age for women 0 General
I'd love to know how this was thought of - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery!...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1449977338 · posted: 1449977338
In search of Prescription dog food 1 Pets & Animals
Hi, I am looking for Hills prescription dogfood. Any advice on where I can find it at a reasonable price in Bang...
started by: JonathanJ · last update: 1449872816 · posted: 1449841000
ABC Biking in Bangkok, a unique experien... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For over 30 years, ABC Biking is setting the stan...
started by: ABC Amazing Bangkok Cyclist · last update: 1447166584 · posted: 1447166584
Looking for custom made simple fabric so... 3 Home & Garden
I am looking for a compnay that can make a sofa, basic fabric sofa, it need to be curved to fit a corner with sh...
started by: classifieds-905157 · last update: 1446127971 · posted: 1445765204
clothing for charity 6 General
I have got a few bags of clothing (all in good condition) - I would like to donate to a charity or a clothing ba...
started by: raram28 · last update: 1446107123 · posted: 1445874617
Looking for classroom or similar to rent 0 General
I am looking for a classroom to rent on a daily basis to teach First Aid and CPR in Bangkok.  ...
started by: Admin-447180 · last update: 1444400968 · posted: 1444400968
Happy Call pan 1 Food & Drink
I am looking to buy a Korean Happy Call pressure double sided pan, does anybody know where I can find this in Ba...
started by: bangkok babe · last update: 1444209436 · posted: 1444035373
World Rugby Cup 5 Entertainment
Any ideas for the best pubs showing the Rugby World Cup? Seen a few small bars but they are not my style, lookin...
started by: sukhumvit george · last update: 1444035287 · posted: 1443004959
Dymo Products 0 General
Thought I would pass on this, I have a DYMO label printer that I bought in the UK here, have just discovered fro...
started by: silom jane · last update: 1443108971 · posted: 1443108971
Pensions Thailand 3 Financial & Legal
I recently discovered that expats working here and paying social security, upon stopping work after 55 years old...
started by: jim-876969 · last update: 1442314386 · posted: 1439551898
Gyms 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Which are the most value for money gyms that are located in central bangkok. I'm looking for a 3 to 6 month memb...
started by: ozzyrules · last update: 1440842610 · posted: 1433745945
Future concerts MUSE etc 1 Entertainment
Has anyone heard of any more cancellations from International acts? I hope Muse is still one 
started by: JohnnyR · last update: 1440842088 · posted: 1440146412
Robbie Williams cancelled 1 Entertainment
Anyone have any ideas why Robbie cancelled his SE Asian part of his tour? the kids are miffed!
started by: beermonster · last update: 1438784627 · posted: 1438163928
Bike for Mom 0 Sport & Leisure
Anyone know if foreigners can enter for the Bike for Mom event on the 16th August?
started by: golfer-905153 · last update: 1438723990 · posted: 1438723990
Chihuahua 1 Pets & Animals
Can anybody suggest where I can find Chihuahua puppies for sale in Bangkok
started by: spices-905155 · last update: 1438163849 · posted: 1437220951
Carpets. 2 Home & Garden
With Thailands ties with Middle Eastern countries I was wondering where the best places to buy carpets are. Do T...
started by: *little*pixie* · last update: 1437220662 · posted: 1432021724
Foosball Tables Thailand 1 Sport & Leisure
Where can we play foosball table in Bangkok ? Is there any tables available in Thailand ?
started by: Bkkfrenchtouch · last update: 1435594532 · posted: 1435594307
Maids/Nanny - Domestic Helper 0 Families & Kids
Hi Everyone, If you are looking a reliable maid, then your search is over. Best Care Services is a trustw...
started by: Dorji Penjor · last update: 1434365613 · posted: 1434365613
Friday 26 June 2015, Single Fridays in B... 0 Entertainment
started by: bconcept · last update: 1434351357 · posted: 1434351357
Rental agents in Bangkok 1 General
Hi, I'm guessing this is a pretty regular discussion on the forum here, but things change over time and I...
started by: rossco-10041507 · last update: 1434290815 · posted: 1434190606
Move to Bangkok Package 0 General
Hi! We moved from Europe to Bangkok a f ew years ago, with a baby.. It was pretty much hassle to find a g...
started by: kimbkk · last update: 1433848937 · posted: 1433848937
Grass Fed Meat 0 Food & Drink
Does anyone know of butchers in the Bangkok area that have grass fed lamb beef and pork. It would also be nice t...
started by: tea42-878301 · last update: 1433745808 · posted: 1433745808
Pool Halls 0 Sport & Leisure
There seems to be a pool table in every bar in Bangkok, but I'm looking for a pool hall where there are many tab...
started by: mr harris-878299 · last update: 1433745770 · posted: 1433745770
Plastic mat to put under office chair 2 General
I am looking for a plastic mat to protect the flooring from my office chairs, has anybody seen such an item for ...
started by: sukhumvit george · last update: 1433441608 · posted: 1433347225
Want to Sell Digital Piano Kawai KDP80 (... 0 Sport & Leisure
HI! I want to sell my digital piano KAWAI KDP80. It is still in a good condition and the sound is quite good. ...
started by: R&PMOM · last update: 1432515877 · posted: 1432515877