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I gave my girlfriend the money to buy a new car. She decided to buy an Isuzu MU-X 4x4 3.0 and we collected it only 3 weeks ago from the dealer. I was driving out of our soi last evening onto another soi, when I totally misjudged the corner while watching a motorcycle headlight approaching from my left. The motorcycle appeared to have stopped near the garbage bins up the hill, so I was concentrating on making sure it didn't continue towards me while I emerged onto the main soi, leading downhill to the main road. My offside front wheel rode over the concrete edging where there is a drop of about half a metre into waste land and I was stuck, perched on top of the concrete. I tried to reverse off using 4W.D. Low, but the wheels just spun. I phoned a friend and she and her husband came straight out to see the situation. She called the Fire & Rescue service who came out straight away with a rescue vehicle which lifted my car off the concrete but they told me the wheel (and/or suspension) was damaged and I must not drive it, but report it to the insurers. My g/f telephoned the Isuzu dealer this morning and he says I cannot claim on the insurance because I am farang driving on a valid UK photo ID Driver's Licence. The dealer says only Thai driving license holders can claim. The accident was my responsibility, I was alone in the car, I had not been drinking for about 3 days and I'm willing to pay for the damage I've caused, but I don't think I should be discriminated against when under the law I am (I checked before leaving UK) entitled as a non-resident to drive on a valid UK photo ID Licence.Is this true that I cannot claim? The insurance is First Class and was arranged by my girlfriend at the Isuzu dealership when we ordered the car.

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Is it a custom here to rent cars by the month instead of buying one. I will need one for about a year but will need a deal as I have a limitted budget. Avis etc are far to expensive.

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Many of these mega Malls have car cleaning facilities, but to be honest I find them expensive and not that good. I don't mind to pay but only for a good job. How much and where is there a proper car detailing place anywhere in Bangkok.

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Witnessed a  dreadfull accident the other day involving a motorbike, the driver sadly was not wearing a crash helmet. I know this as I was close by and observed the whole thing, I do not think the driver survived. Where is a good place to buy a PROPER helmet not the egg shells most people wear if at all.

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Where are some places to get a good deal on new or reconditioned (remoulds) tyres here in bangkok. How much is a fair price.

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Is it just me or has the traffic got worse over the past months here in BKK. I live in the suberbs and journeys during the day were a piece of cake. Now its cues all over and takes double the time. In town its even worse. Does anyone know why, the only thing I can think of is that the price of gas has gone down.

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Near my condo in town there are always taxi drivers offering trips to Pattaya one way 2,000 Baht. My question is is this a good price and also are they safe.

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Have been stopped a couple of times by our trusted friends and each time they have told me to follow them to the police station miles away is it not possible to pay the fine at the place one gets stopped.

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Has anybody bought the new Altis yet. Doesn't look that good in Taxi colours but saw a silver one the other day rather smart. 2.0 must be very zippy.

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For over 30 years, ABC Biking is setting the standard for biking tours in and around Bangkok. As the first biking tour company in Bangkok, ABC gives you the security of all the experience needed on safety levels and knowledge to provide the best biking tours in and around Bangkok. During our bicycle tours we cycle in an easy and relaxed pace, manageable for all fitness levels. You will get to explore all layers of society and we will show you places you would never find on your own. We do not pass major tourist sites, but instead give you an unique insight into the local lifestyle of the local people. Get off the beaten path … get a real impression of Bangkok.  All our ABC guides are fully accredited and are passionate to show our guests a good time on the bikes. We like to make  jokes and keep the information light hearted yet, informative so it is easy to remember. There is always time for questions and photos. Have a look at our website: abcbiking.com and click on reservations, or call 0818129641 Hope to welcome you soon. Best regards, Michiel Hoes

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Can anyone please tell me when leaving Suvarnabhumi Airport how does one get one of the those SUV taxis. Theres 4 of us with all the luggage and a normal Altis type taxis is way to small. Where do you go to hire them and also are they more expensive than the smaller taxis.

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I there I just got a  bicycle and would you beleive it got a puncture on the same day. Anyone know of a service that will take care of this for me. THx

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Just thought I'd let you guys know that instead of getting my 6 year old Camry serviced at the Toyota garage I took it to a B Quick situated at Lotus. They were cheaper did a really good job and my wife and I shopped and had lunch while it was being done. I'm vert happy with them.

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Hi I'm an expat living here and need to learn how to drive and get my lisense. Any Ideas on the teaching side of things like where and the price. Thx in anticipation.

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Bangkok - DirectAsia.com Thailand has received verification for its website www.DirectAsia.co.th from the Department of Business Development (DBD), the first and to date only insurance website in Thailand to receive this certification. DBD Verified certifies the reliability of DirectAsia.com Thailand for conducting electronic business operations. DirectAsia.com Thailand registered with DBD in 2013, but DBD Verified, which was confirmed on 23 May 2014, indicates a higher level of reliability than that of DBD Registered. Certification allows DirectAsia.com to display the DBD Verified Trustmark on its website and on printed and other materials. "The DBD Verified benchmark on the website will guarantee trust for customers because it shows the business has passed the strict process of information checking and also that the security system of the website has been checked by a government office. In event of any problem or uncertainty, customers can contact DBD to easily resolve the problem," says Whichai Phochanakij, deputy director- general of the Department of Business Development. “DBD Verification is a big endorsement of trust in DirectAsia.com’s e-commerce platform and will give consumers greater confidence to go online for car insurance,” says Michael Parker, chief executive officer of DirectAsia.com Thailand. “We are proud to be the first insurance website to achieve the DBD Verified certification.” DBD Verified is awarded to those e-commerce businesses like DirectAsia.com that not only comply with the rules but also maintain the standards necessary for business sustainability. Following Hong Kong and Singapore, DirectAsia.com launched in Thailand late last year offering car owners clear information in Thai and English, fast quotes and instant coverage 24/7 via the website. They can also get expert help from the company’s contact centre.  

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I'm thinking of buying some wheels for the first time here in BKK. I'm thinking about getting a pick up like a Ford Ranger or something. Are there different road rules to watchout for where pick ups are concerned, like lanes, expressways and parking etc.

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I was on Ram Intra the other day when I saw a truck really going fast. What I found worring also was that the windscreen of the truck was covered in stickers and film leaving only a thin slit for the driver to see through, plus he had about 10 chrome lights surrounding the windowscreen and what looked like Xmas lights all around as well. HOW can the driver see properly!!!!!!! 

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Since I've been driving here I've noticed it's very seldom someone thanks you when you let them in or stop to let them pass, is it a culture thing or simply bad manners?

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How easy is it for a farang to buy a motor cycle or car here. I have Thai and international driving licenses and money in the bank. I don't work here so no work permitt, and am on a 90 day tourist visa.

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I have an old BMW and want to get it serviced by a garage that knows what they're doing but doesn't charge the crazy prices of the official dealership! Anyone know of such a garage?

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