Ploenchit Fair

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bangkok 101



Would just like to congratulate the organisers of the Ploenchit Fair for putting on a great event last Sunday. Thank goodness the rain held off and me and the family could enjoy a wonderful day out. Also I would like to congratulate you on the chosen venue, basically ideal.

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I agree with bangkok 101 on what a great day out myself and the family had at this years Ploenchit fair. There was only one negative for me and that was the Dominos Pizza stand and their over the top pricing. 1 very very smal slice (and I mean tiny) was 100 baht which is really taking the mickey. You can see that they added to their price their donation to charity so that they could still make an excellent profit. Listen guys profit is secondary at these events as its all about helping others, shame on you and you wont be seeing me or my friends at any of your branches in the future.

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Round of applause to the people behind the Ploenchit Fair, what a great day out. Whoever organised the live entertainment was well on the case as the bands were excellent. As the sun went down it turned into akind od woodstock, with super professional bands who knew how to entertain. The only sour note (excuse the pun) was that 4 slices of dominos pizzas cost me 400 baht which was way out of order. All the other stalls were tasty as well as being not  expensive. Hope they get booted out next yaer. Never mind once again well done everybody good job (apart from DOMINOS)

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I too went to the Ploenchit fair and had a great time drinking, eating and listening to great live music. I didn't try Dominos luckily but did have a small cup of Pauliners beer which set me back 140b which I think is a little excessive considering it was less than a half pint. After that I found draugh Chang export which was 50b for the same amount, much better value imo.

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We also had a great time at the Ploenchit Fair, kids loved it. Music was good for the 4 hours we stopped in the entertainment zone! Comgrats to the organizers who donate all their time tp prepare the fair every year.

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