started by: SmokyJo · last update: 1235984958 · posted: 1235940216

I will be passing through Bangkok soon, spending about 5 days and would like any recommendations people can make for gay friendly bars or clubs where you don't get hassled in any way?!

started by: Nim1384 · last update: 1235900463 · posted: 1235757358

Hi, is there any English language theatre held in Bangkok, i can't seem to find any listed in the paper?

started by: aus.lulu · last update: 1235292112 · posted: 1232703253

Hi, does anyone know where the new Chinese epic, Red Cliff is being shown with English subtitles? lu

started by: Mellisa... · last update: 1233856979 · posted: 1224234911

Hi all, we are holding a small party towards the end of the year and I'm looking for a DJ that can play all the old favourites and keep everyone happy. Any ideas??

started by: julia.bea · last update: 1233855866 · posted: 1233601702

We will be passing through Bangkok on the way to Aus and stopping for 3 days. I am down for some serious shopping, I just need to know where to go for ladies clothes, shoes, handbags and electronics, gadgets and computer stuff for hubbie? I know there are some big shopping malls in Bangkok, but I don't want to waste any time! Which are the top 3 and what shops can I expect to find? Thanks in advance to you Bangkok residents!

started by: D James-450103 · last update: 1233000099 · posted: 1230979760

Hi, are there any decent alternatives to UBC, other satellite TV or cable?

started by: JanFriel · last update: 1232954845 · posted: 1232708543

Hi all, where can I find a traditional Chinese dragon display for the Chinese New Year? I'm sure in China Town, but I have no idea whereabouts?

started by: Stevie O · last update: 1232265239 · posted: 1232142099

Hi, I saw the Sukhumvit Fair advertised in this events guide. Not having been before I wanted to find out from those who had, if it was a fun day out? Cheers

started by: Shawn45 · last update: 1232021291 · posted: 1231855130

Any events or parties going on for Australia Day?

started by: amadeus-447254 · last update: 1231535305 · posted: 1214908568

I'll be getting some free time over the next few months and want to make use of it by taking some long weekends, both to locations in Thailand, but also to some nearby countries. Has anyone been to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China or Korea and would mind posting any particular recommendations or advice? Thanks. Amadeus

started by: mike ruthers · last update: 1231055909 · posted: 1213528659

Are the expat community in Bangkok treated to any comedy nights with decent comedians? I've asked a couple of people and they've heard of some decent comedians, but are a bit vague on details. Any info anyone? mike

started by: nz-447940 · last update: 1230797465 · posted: 1229369263

Any thoughts on the best venue for New Year's Eve...not just for the party, but also to soak up the atmosphere of a Bangkok New Year?

started by: Leslie123 · last update: 1230739467 · posted: 1228237076

Hi..what's it like...I've always been a bit put off by the big touristy things or should I take a look?

started by: TC-447565 · last update: 1230486814 · posted: 1200642554

I've heard that the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra sometimes plays in Lumpini park. Does anyone know where I can find out when this takes place? TC

started by: Thelma-450219 · last update: 1230374532 · posted: 1229972849

hey all, relatively new and still trying to find some good fun "normal" bars that aren't full of bad guys....

started by: Julian99 · last update: 1230223852 · posted: 1229708156

I would like to hear any recommendations for the nearest, safe and convenient casino to Bangkok? For a one night trip only.

started by: SoLong · last update: 1229884434 · posted: 1229091483

Saw this advertised in the Bangkok Post today, something different to do at Christmas and free to get in at Lumpini park. International Street Show; acrobatics, mime, clowns, juggling, magic shows etc from the 19th to the 21st. The website has more details http://www.bangkokstreetshow.com/en/index.shtml

started by: Neptune-449579 · last update: 1229498017 · posted: 1225297535

Hi all, I am looking for something new in my life, any suggestions for new social or sports clubs I may join?

started by: PeteH-450105 · last update: 1229292286 · posted: 1229186043

Hi, is this film showing anywhere in Bangkok?

started by: Chuck-447824 · last update: 1228489439 · posted: 1223113988

I noticed that a couple of big bands/singers will be coming to Bangkok in November, Michael learns to Rock and Kylie. Not really what I'm in to, but I'm hoping it might signal that Bangkok is becoming one of the places to perform for any big bands doing world tours?

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