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Hi, one event we know for sure that has been cancelled is the Bangkok 100 Rock Festival. More information about ticket refunds can be found here http://www.bangkok100rock.com/ Amy

started by: fuzio · last update: 1227907174 · posted: 1227857953

Great day out for all the family!!! http://www.ploenchitfair.org/

started by: Suzanne111 · last update: 1227456209 · posted: 1227389225

Hi..will be my first new years eve in Bangkok and would like to find a special and chilled place to hang out. Any suggestions?????

started by: Frasier-449352 · last update: 1227446009 · posted: 1227340720

Is Chicago the musical playing soon in Bangkok? .... apparently so from an unreliable source but I can't find details

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started by: music maestro · last update: 1226925095 · posted: 1226059058

Hi, could anyone recommend a good place for karaoke in Bangkok, not dodgy....where I can take some visiting friends?

started by: Soleil-449836 · last update: 1226750329 · posted: 1226750329

Hi Where is a good place to listen to some live Thai country music? i've found myself tapping my toes to it recently while in taxis, so thought it might be fun to hear some live! Sol

started by: Langsuan33 · last update: 1226246190 · posted: 1226167059

.... from those who've see it?

started by: AP-448665 · last update: 1226146207 · posted: 1216499796

Hello, is it possible to get Channel 4 Film from any of the Satellite channels available in Thailand?

started by: Suk33 · last update: 1225636640 · posted: 1225398779

Hi...has anyone seen Fly me to the Moon yet? Any good for two easily bored kids aged 5 & 9?

started by: Mandy-447211 · last update: 1225554123 · posted: 1191849545

Does anyone know of an interesting and lively book club in the central Bangkok area, Silom, Sathorn or Sukhumvit? Mandy

started by: Charlie-447927 · last update: 1225486864 · posted: 1223452257

A friend of mine was telling me about a "museum of corrections" that he had read about in a magazine recently. Apparently full of grizzly devices used for interrogation 100s of years ago. Sounds like the sort of thing that visiting friends might be interested in, but he couldn't remember any details. Has anyone been before and can give me some clues how to find the place? Charlie

started by: nathan35 · last update: 1225313082 · posted: 1225130819

I'm trying to catch Koh Saxman live, have heard that he shouldn't be missed. Any ideas where next he'll be popping up in Bangkok for one of his short stints?

started by: Jaqi Smith · last update: 1224832086 · posted: 1224573999

Hi...which would people say is the restaurant with the best view in Bangkok and also serving the best food?

started by: KazBoom · last update: 1224517234 · posted: 1224429772

Hi ya... when is the new James Bond movie opening in Bangkok?

started by: Trimtab · last update: 1224147595 · posted: 1201966225

I was just listening to one of my favourite radio stations Radio Bangkok Net and heard an advert for an internet radio player that you could use without having the computer switched on. It also plays any other forms of digital music. Any ideas where I can find this in Bangkok? trim

started by: georgia peach-447972 · last update: 1223997361 · posted: 1222805489

Got a friend coming soon who is a strict veggie....suggestions please for decent vegetarian restaurants? Georgia

started by: MGW1968 · last update: 1223535468 · posted: 1222525951

I'll be up in Bangkok next weekend and looking forward to catching up with some decent live jazz, not easy to find in Pattaya. Are there any decent bands in residence at any of the favourite jazz haunts? Or even better, visiting musicians from the USA?

started by: Geoff Banks · last update: 1223480845 · posted: 1223200050

Hi. I just found out I missed the International film festival being held in Bangkok, was it any good? In the past I've been told it wasn't up to much but apparently it was a little better this year? Is that the impression of most people that went?

started by: Blue Water-448249 · last update: 1223043900 · posted: 1216247433

Hello, Does anyone know when the new art and cultural centre is opening in Bangkok, I read something about it months ago, but have heard nothing since?

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