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It's that time of year again when any fan of beer is thinking of the October Festival in Germany. Bit of a long shot, but as I know that there are lots of Germans living here in Bangkok, I thought that Bangkok might hold its very own beer festival?? lu

started by: Geoff Banks · last update: 1222793752 · posted: 1217323671

Hello, are there any movie theatres in Bangkok that occasionally (or all the time) play an alternative to the standard Hollywood drivel? Are there any independent films screened in Bangkok apart from for the occasional film festival?

started by: Fergus-447893 · last update: 1222706950 · posted: 1222271114

Taking votes and recommendations for the best pizza in Bangkok??!!

started by: Leo-447745 · last update: 1222263097 · posted: 1217334114

Hi...I'm getting fed up with UBC and the fact that every time there is more than just a passing shower the picture gets bad or fails completely. I've asked UBC about this and they claim there is nothing they can do! Surely it should take more than a heavy shower to make it fail? Perplexed? Leo

started by: NoelG · last update: 1222256209 · posted: 1222030940

Hi all, is there a good and safe family amusement park in or close to Bangkok?

started by: Musix · last update: 1221598078 · posted: 1218633351

There's a useful piece in todays BKK post which gives a link for a site that will help you get around the restrictions on listening to live olympic coverage and other sporting events on the BBC website. Live broadcasts are only for those in the UK, but by using an international proxy you can get around this. More details can be found here http://valleywag.com/5034866/the-definitive-guide-to-watching-the-olympics-online It seems like its a bit of an effort, but for those who aren't happy with the UBC commentary of live premiership games, in theory you would be able to get live commentary from the BBC website and watch it on TV with the volume switched down! Musix

started by: jeb-447466 · last update: 1221571431 · posted: 1216973116

Looking for somewhere we can have a go at paintball without travelling too far. Anywhere in Bangkok? jeb

started by: Kirstin2004 · last update: 1221557132 · posted: 1220799100

Any recommendations for the best riverside restaurant in Bangkok? Thanks.

started by: Rick.A · last update: 1221333971 · posted: 1221290521

Hi, where can I find a lively place to go bowling with some friends?

started by: johnny.d · last update: 1221299996 · posted: 1220203664

Hi, is the sub zero ice skate club an ok place to go for enjoying ice skating. It sort of promotes itself as a club/karaoke venue with ice skating added on! but if you just want to go and ice skate is it possible? Or is there another place in Bangkok that would be better? Thanks if anyone can help.

started by: Sarah Barratt · last update: 1221169546 · posted: 1219479949

Hi...someone I met a few months ago was telling me about a theatre and restaurant on the river where you could eat and be entertained by some unique theatre. I've got some friends coming over that love theatre and thought it would make a very pleasant evening out, but I can't remember the name? I'm sure someone out there will know?? Thanks.

started by: Vio-18.62 · last update: 1220639627 · posted: 1220348878

Hi, is WALLE still on at the cinema at any of the central theatres?

started by: Mozart-447641 · last update: 1220268246 · posted: 1220003372

Hi...has anyone paid a visit to the new arts and cultural centre in Bangkok, close to MBK? Is it worth a visit yet or still only partly finished? I've also been searching for the website but can't find it...any ideas?

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Hi, has anyone been recently to Crepes & Co, can you recommend it? Thks.

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My friends told me that last year they went to a last night of the Proms here in Bangkok and had a fantastic time. It must be coming round again, where can I find out more? Cheers.

started by: Exhausted! · last update: 1220182061 · posted: 1220182061

Hi all...any reviews out there on Mamma Mia. I'd like to go, but my husband is not a big Abba fan, will he be able to sit through the film?

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Any ideas for which is the best radio station in Bangkok with a mix of music and english language news? If such a thing exists! Nik

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What an Olympics for the GB team....as Brits we don't often get the chance to be proud of our sporting achievements, but in this instance....what a fantastic set of results!!!

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Just a quick note to vent my frustrations with UBC and not being able to get through to them on their 7 days a week customer service number....and I wanted to give them extra money as well...but have now cooled off on the idea.

started by: Eisha_Ovr · last update: 1219087723 · posted: 1218980619

Hi, my local magazine and book store doesn't have a wide selection of English language newspapers or magazines. Is that because they don't stock them or isn't there much choice in Bangkok/Thailand? Any particular publications that people would recommend?

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