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Hi...I've got my in-laws coming to stay for a couple of weeks and they've expressed an interest in visiting the Jim Thompson house. I've never been as I'm a bit sceptical about these mass tourist attractions. Has anyone got anything positive or negative to say about the experience?

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Hi, I've recently returned from a short trip over to Vietnam and picked up a taste for Vietnamese food, but not sure where to find decent authentic Vietnamese food in Bangkok? Help please!

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I put something up on YouTube a while back and now can never access it...always says this video has been removed or out of date or something similar. Trying to look at a lot of other videos, I get the same thing....is YouTube still getting blocked by the censors?

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Lots of people, once they have taken pictures of the splendid temples in Bangkok, find they still know little about the teachings enshrined in the monastic grounds. Finding out more about this peaceful teaching can be challenging if you are limited to English. In August through to October Little Bangkok Sangha is running a series of Dhamma talks and meditaitons in Bangkok, right next to the skytrain line and on the river pier (Sathorn). It is only once a year this program is offered, and it runs for 8 weeks, meeting every Thursday evening. Last year was fun, and a lot of people made good friends and contacts. details at www.littlebang.wordpress.com . :) www.littlebang.wordpress.com

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A useful word of advice given to me after coming down with a bad stomach after visiting a "plastic chair" Thai restaurant! Go for the busy ones that have a lot of customers, not only will this ensure that the food has not been stored for a long time prior to serving, it's also an indication that not many of their customers get bad stomachs!!

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Does anyone know where I can listen to classical music on the radio, here in Thailand? Amadeus

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Hi, is the water safe for swimming at Hua Hin or Pattaya for kids?

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Hi, any ideas where will be a good location to see the fireworks and stuff that are part of the Mother's Day and Queen's birthday celebrations? cat

started by: Charlie Farley-448010 · last update: 1218266216 · posted: 1218040981

Hi, me Mum is over for a visit and I would like to take her somewhere special for the Thai mothers day. Where is a good place to celebrate, she always likes a good dinner?

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Any bars or pubs here play some decent live R&B?

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Hi, is Chokchai steak house worth a visit for those who are partial to a good steak? No one I know has been, so I've always presumed it wasn't that good?

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Will be over for another visit soon from Singapore and wanted to know whether the Bangkok aquarium is worth a visit? NZ

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Bit of a long shot...but has anyone heard of any writing classes taking place in Bangkok?

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Are there any other things to do in Samui apart from to admire the scenery and relax on the beach? Any suggestions welcome.

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Can anyone help me with some ideas for nice hotels in Samui. Quiet, beach location, mid budget....suggestions thanks!

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We'll be passing through Bangkok, spending only a couple of days. What are the things we really should do?

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Hi, I've noticed that the numbers and Thai letters on car license plates are different colours, any significance?

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Hello, I was thinking of buying this movie for my son, but was a little worried about whether it would only encourage him with his play fighting, which he seems to have picked up at school? If anyone's seen it, could they suggest whether it's suitable for a 6 year old boy? Thanks kerrie

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Hi, Does anyone order books or other stuff from overseas and get it delivered to an address in Thailand? Is there any problems with customs? I presume there must be some sort of tax to pay on any type of imports? Georgia

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Hi, I'm going to Pattaya in a couple of weeks for the weekend and was hoping to get a recommendation for a great seafood restaurant in Pattaya. It doesn't have to be central, but I would prefer somewhere with a view of the sea. Thanks

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