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Hi, where is the best place to get some more info on the weird fruits that I see in my local market? It would be nice to be a bit more adventurous than mango, pineapple and coconut, but I don't know where to start! If anyone has any particular recomendations, please give a brief description so that i know what to look out for!

started by: jasmine..j · last update: 1215977374 · posted: 1215596208

Hi, is the Imax cinema worth a visit, I've never been to one before and would like to know if the imax "experience" is special enough to make a special trip?

started by: jal-447902 · last update: 1215680587 · posted: 1215266434

I was reading a couple of weeks ago about a very cheap video camera called Flip video http://www.theflip.com/ It sounds like a great product, but i don't think you can get it in Thailand? Can anyone prove me wrong? JAL

started by: tanya_s · last update: 1215271088 · posted: 1213384455

Hi, has anyone got a good suggestion for a good restaurant for a private dinner party for 12/14 people. Has to be a private room, fine food (any nationality), friendly service and relaxed ambiance?

started by: vernon.v · last update: 1215172832 · posted: 1213945166

Any 4th July celebrations going on in town for a patriotic American?

started by: Sun-447304 · last update: 1214917977 · posted: 1214303988

Hi, I'm now looking for a good Indain restuarant but prefer a buffet style. Does anyone know a decent one?

started by: georgia peach-447972 · last update: 1214862219 · posted: 1214120463

The Queen musical "We will rock you" is coming to Bangkok in July, has anyone seen this? It's been written by Ben Elton and I think will be a great show even if you're not 100% keen on Queen's music. I think it's been playing for a while in London and hope that some may have seen it before? Don't want to waste an evening out if it's a load of rubbish! Georgia

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Where to buy good birthday cards that has a reasonable selection?

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Anyone got some good suggestions for things to do this weekend? cat

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Just had to post and say what a great event, the Summer Concert was last night at Shrewsbury. Looking forward to the concerts during the next school year! TC

started by: Gonzales-448474 · last update: 1214589849 · posted: 1214580216

Hey anyone! Are there any decent ticket agencies that sell tickets for all the main events going on in Bangkok, or do I have to go to the individual venues to buy tickets?

started by: catrina.s · last update: 1214324245 · posted: 1213964399

Can someone help? I have some Moroccan friends coming over to visit and they like food! There are lots of international restaurants in Bangkok but I've never heard of a Moroccan restaurant? Does such a place exist? cat

started by: Jim Brophy · last update: 1214072372 · posted: 1213613067

can anyone recommend place to rent or buy wide range of (non-copy) dvd's.....selection in places like paragon is very limited

started by: Isabella-448401 · last update: 1213886163 · posted: 1213827635

Don't miss out .... last 10 days! http://www.lafete-bangkok.com/

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Hello anyone! Fairly new to Bangkok and still finding my feet, I'm 30ish and single, looking to meet some new people and go to some interesting places. The social scene amongst expats here does seem to be dominated by males of varying qualities! Not sure what the ratio of male to female expats is but it doesn't seem 50/50! I wonder why that is?! So I'm looking for some good places to go where I'll find some interesting people and not have to worry about dodgy people!

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For those of you living in the Sukhuimvit Soi 31-39 area, do not hesitate to go and eat at Restaurant Gedhawa on Soi 35 (No. 24, 300 metres down the soi from Sukhumvit on the right hand side). Here you will be gracefully received by the owner K Jium (sp?) and you will eat the best of Thai northern cuisine (as well as southern) in a delightful ambiance for very reasonable prices given the quality. Tell K Jium that Graham and Daniel sent you, and then see her face light up! Absolutely the best Thai restaurant around - we go at least once a week.

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Any ideas on the best place to get a curry in Bangkok? There is a huge choice, but wanted to hear of some new places before I gave some suggestions of my own.

started by: OTT · last update: 1212744809 · posted: 1212442011

Hi Bangkok Can anyone tell me about some good day trips out of Bangkok, preferably something with a little art and culture but any ideas would be much appreciated.

started by: Sukhumvit24 · last update: 1212619802 · posted: 1212347760

Hi, is Dream World worth a visit for a good family day out or is it a bit run down and dingy like a couple of the other fun fairs / entertainment attractions that I've visited in Thailand?

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Hello, Any views on Dusit Zoo, never been before is it any good? For children that is, not me! Charlie

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