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I'm interested to know where people think is the best place to go in Bangkok for a special Sunday brunch?

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I've discovered a new website that delivers UK magazines or weekly newspapers to any address in Thailand. So instead of having to visit your local book store only to find that your favourite publication has sold out or isn't there, you can sit at home and wait for it to come to you. It also seems pretty good value compared to local shops, i just signed up for the Guardian Weekly. http://www.magazinesforexpats.co.uk

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In Hong Kong I used to go to a very friendly and very social knitting class, which was great fun. Are there any similar things in Bangkok where I can get some inspiration and have a good time!?

started by: Ruud-447691 · last update: 1209405225 · posted: 1209061742

I'm thinking about buying tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix but someone told me that the whole thing was still subject to approval? Does anyone know if this is true or is it a guaranteed certainty that it will take place? Ruud

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Are there any reasonable classes or courses in Bangkok?

started by: fleming-447933 · last update: 1207482666 · posted: 1206892707

Will be coming to Bangkok soon and wanted to see where people think are the best places to get a decent pint. Could be lager, beer or a Guinness but the place needs to be lively, but not outrageous and showing some of the big sports event when they happen. And of course the beer needs to be good!

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Which is the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok at the moment? I've got my favourite from a few years ago but was wondering if it had changed?

started by: Bluez-447576 · last update: 1206822174 · posted: 1206739736

Thinking about going to the movies this weekeend with the family and was wondering if anyone had seen The Water Horse Legend of the Deep? If so, is it any good? Thanks. Bluez

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I was watching Thai TV last night and I saw what I thought to be a clip of horse racing in Bangkok? I never realised that you could watch a horse race in Thailand let alone a race in Bangkok! I couldn't understand where it was exactly, has anyone got any ideas? jeb

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I'm looking for some new ideas for what to do on a Sunday here in Bangkok. Any suggestions welcome?! zzz

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Very new to Bangkok and finding my feet! Where can I find more information on things to do here and a list of clubs I may wish to join?

started by: Jo-447859 · last update: 1206194557 · posted: 1206046423

Where's a good venue to go and see some live music. Anything really blues, jazz or rock? Jo

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Being partial to a bit of sushi and sashimi, i often end up eating in japanese restaurants. I've got my own opinion of some of the best ones in Bangkok, but thought someone else may know about some hidden gems?zzz

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After spending yet another Friday night going to the same old places, I was hoping someone might have some ideas of something new and different to do in Bangkok? zzz

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Just in case anyone hadn't heard the new smoking ban in any bars, pubs or clubs starts from tonight! Not sure how well the new rules will be enforced, but I can't see it being good news for the many smokers of Bangkok's nightlife!! OD

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For those of you that fancy yourself at Sudoku there's an opportunity to prove it at the Sudoku Thailand competition at Central World on the 22nd and 23rd March. You have to preregister but there is an open division that is open to all nationalities. Good luck! http://www.thaicrossword.com/appform_BSudoku08_en/detail_en.html Nik

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Hi, my Birthday party is coming soon and I'm looking for a hotel restaurant with a good international buffet. I've always been to Bon Vivant on Surawong road and I don't have any new ideas where to go now. Any ideas! Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know when the Thailand Cultural Centre is starting to hold events again. I see in the Bangkok Post they've got an event on the 21st, but I thought that they'd cancelled all events until after the 100 day mourning period had ended? TC

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Is there an Imax theatre in Bangkok? New to Bangkok

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Where does everyone think is the best restaurant in Bangkok for a special Valentine's dinner? Nik

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