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I'm looking for a small band or even just one musician to play at a party I'm having soon. They need to be able to play all the old party favourites! If anyone knows of someone suitable please let me know, thanks. Freebe

started by: Kenneth-447316 · last update: 1201807876 · posted: 1201604243

Hi, I just spent some of my weekend at Lumpini park and I found that it's such a wonderful place for relaxing! There's also a free performance by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra every Sunday. And, it's really easy to get there by the MRT. Highly recommended!!

started by: bkktourist · last update: 1201697780 · posted: 1201418919

I'm coming to Bangkok for three days on my way to Koh Samui. Has anyone got some good ideas for the things I really "must do" while in Bangkok? Thanks.

started by: freebe · last update: 1201551814 · posted: 1201189519

I'm having a party soon and wanted to make it a bit special. I'm looking for a skilled cocktail bartender who can speak a little bit of English to warn my guests what's in each cocktail before they drink it! Freebe

started by: freebe · last update: 1201527639 · posted: 1201350968

Has anyone got any recommendations for caterers for a small party? Freebe

started by: Trimtab · last update: 1201371620 · posted: 1200846435

Am I right in thinking that there is some sort of smoking ban being introduced here in Thailand? If so, where is it going to cover?trim

started by: Jam-447339 · last update: 1201261411 · posted: 1200840261

When is the New International School of Thailand holding their International Day Festival? I know it was postponed, but I'm not sure when they have rescheduled it for Jam

started by: CooperNZ-447416 · last update: 1201178395 · posted: 1201006685

Special occasion coming up and want to celebrate with a dinner out in the evening. Suggstiions please!

started by: Jam-447339 · last update: 1200424754 · posted: 1199620937

Any opinions out there on which is the best vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok? Jam

started by: Thaiger · last update: 1199262816 · posted: 1198173960

Hi all just wondering what experiences people have had with the river cruises here. http://www.thairivercruise.com/ I am looking to send my Mum & Dad who are visiting on a cruise as a Christmas gift and am wondering what is most appropriate. I am considering the Manohra Cruise for them but have no idea what it's like. I myself have done the Chaopraya Princess Cruise (quite a modern boat) which was ok but lacked a bit of Thai atmosphere which I am hoping the Mahora cruise will provide for them. Would it offer them a Romantic Thai experience and more importantly did people enjoy it? Thanks Thaiger

started by: bkk-447241 · last update: 1199192004 · posted: 1198747832

I'm looking to treat myself to some luxury pampering, spa and beauty treatments. Where's the best place in Bangkok to really give myself the attention that I deserve?!! New to Bangkok

started by: Paul-447399 · last update: 1199096114 · posted: 1198745426

Any suggestions for where the best party will be on New Year's Eve?

started by: Stuart-447203 · last update: 1199045202 · posted: 1198862861

Apparently they're going to fill the swimming pool with ice on New Year's day at the British Club. That's what I call a good cure for a hangover!! Stuart

started by: AB-447222 · last update: 1198662810 · posted: 1198335362

I'm looking for the best place to have a traditional Christmas Dinner in Bangkok. Any ideas? AB

started by: Bree-447249 · last update: 1197797380 · posted: 1197646568

Hi, does anyone know a good place for the New Year's Eve countdown party in Bangkok?

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I'm looking for a DVD rental shop around Sathorn that stocks a reasonable selection of English language films. Any ideas would be appreciated!

started by: Golfer1-447188 · last update: 1197748042 · posted: 1197618662

I'm sure most people know by now, but no alcohol will be served from 6 pm on Friday to midnight on Sunday this weekend and then also on the 22nd and 23rd. So it's two dry weekends in a row because of the elections. Still it will be worth it if business and real estate start to return to normal afterwards!? Golfer1

started by: Gaelforce-447251 · last update: 1197706865 · posted: 1197610900

Dear all AngloINFOers, looking for suggestions on what to do for my 50 year old (quite active and adventurous) parents who are spending two weeks in Kuala Lumpur before heading to live in Oz for a year. Best suggestions get possiblility of sofabed in Melbourne! Thanks all.

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My friend who used to live in Bangkok quite sometime back was raving about a Merry go Round in one of the high rise buildings but she was not sure where it was. Could someone please tell me if there is such place as I hope to visit Bangkok next week. Rooni rooni

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Just thought anyone who may have an interest in shopping and bargains should know about the Jim Thompson sale from the 14th to the 16th December!! Angie

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