started by: Golfer1-447188 · last update: 1197392800 · posted: 1197227849

Does anyone know of some good deals to be had on champagne over the Christmas and New Year period? Golfer1

started by: rooni soosa · last update: 1197293267 · posted: 1196974210

I hope to visit Bangkok mid December and hope to stay about 1 km from MBK. I would like to visit safari world and wonderland could you please tell me what is the cheapest way i could go to these places and let me know if you require one whole day to visit each place. Roonirooni

started by: AB-447222 · last update: 1196847787 · posted: 1196798952

I've been having a look at the What's On in Bangkok on this site and was impressed by how much you had listed. I'm interested in listing some events, do I have to pay or can I list them for free?AB

started by: Gemma-447196 · last update: 1196765687 · posted: 1196441069

Where are the best Christmas and New Year parties taking place this year in Bangkok??!! Gemma

started by: Gemma-447196 · last update: 1196617336 · posted: 1188570727

Hey, Anyone got some good ideas what to do on a Friday night close to Sukhumvit Rd?Gemma

started by: Peter-447397 · last update: 1196537364 · posted: 1195290457

Is there a good site that lists all the English language movies showing in Bangkok? I know this site has some movies, but I'm a little bit out from the center and they don't list my local cinema. Peter

started by: Marcus-447201 · last update: 1196531526 · posted: 1195483042

Don't forget the Ploenchit Fair on the 1st December! Fair ground rides, roaming clowns and puppeteers, competitions, and amusement arcade games for children of all ages, great shopping bargains in the Petticoat Lane Bazaar, superb food, from fish and chips to gourmet cuisine, dished up by some of the best pubs and restaurants in town; all-day entertainment from local bands and performers on the main stage. Held at the Shrewsbury International School beside the Chao Phraya River. Regular ferry service from Saphan Taksin BTS. Tel. 02 204 1587. Marcus

started by: gita-447312 · last update: 1196531455 · posted: 1195030327

Has anyone seen the film "BEOWULF"? Is it any good?

started by: Nedine · last update: 1196157411 · posted: 1195471022

They're coming out for Christmas and I'm trying to organise some day trips for them. As I work all day I can't go with them every time so they have to go on their own. They are reasonably fit, what can I do for them? Ned

started by: CooperNZ-447416 · last update: 1196106263 · posted: 1196052931

We arrive in Bangkok the 4th and want to see the fireworks on the 5th on the Chao Praya. But where to go for best view? Cannot find anything on the Shangri La or Oriental web pages. Anyone got any suggestions?

started by: Gaelforce-447251 · last update: 1194716387 · posted: 1190349577

Hello English speakers of Bangkok. I often travel to Bangkok for business and wanted to know if any of the local pubs organise pub quizes my own poison. Secondly, if anyone has a regular team, would they be prepared to host a font of useless information once a month or so?

started by: ella-447368 · last update: 1194530060 · posted: 1194223773

I've got some family coming over to Bangkok for a holiday soon. Although I've been living in Bangkok for a while I'm not too sure which are the best places in Bangkok to take them too, not having done much sightseeing myself yet. Are the normal suspects (Wat Arun, Grand Palace etc) worth the hassle of fighting your way through the crowds?!! ella

started by: owen-447239 · last update: 1194294933 · posted: 1194271011

Any thoughts from anyone which is the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok?

started by: Sarah-447204 · last update: 1194194828 · posted: 1192105600

Does anyone know a good place to go for Halloween and/or Guy Fawkes night? Sarah

started by: Musix · last update: 1193859749 · posted: 1193840274

Does anyone know of a good Halloween party going on tonight? Musix

started by: Sarah-447204 · last update: 1193057043 · posted: 1192554953

I'm finding life here in Bangkok more and more interesting. As I get to know the city, the people and the culture better, there seems to be some sense behind the madness! There's such a lot of stuff going on, it's not easy to get bored. What does anyone else think? I hear a lot of moaning from expats, but then the ones that moan the loudest are usually the ones that have stayed the longest?! I'd be interested to hear what other expats are thinking about the quality of life in Bangkok? Sarah

started by: Joey-447321 · last update: 1192810165 · posted: 1192625160

Hi guys, I just heard about Bangkok Young Professionals and it sounds interesting. I want to attend the next event but wondered if people would normally go on their own or with friends. Any advice would be welcome as it will be my first time. Joe

started by: Madeline-447287 · last update: 1192472822 · posted: 1192399451

Hi everybody, can anyone recommend a vegetarian restaurant with good taste and and good prices? I always cook myself and am getting bored right now. Thanks a lot! Madeline

started by: Benny-447271 · last update: 1192027139 · posted: 1191944040

I have just moved from Pharam 4 area to Rangnam, everything is new for me here. Can anyone recommend a good place to eat? Ben

started by: JD-447224 · last update: 1190985155 · posted: 1190910582

Does anyone know if there is an Imax cinema here in Bangkok? Jack

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