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Hi there. I have some friends coming to visit soon and thought it would be a kick to do a cycling tour in the area. Any suggestions for tour companies? I don't have a ton of time to figure out the logistics and rentals myself. Thanks. -Mark

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I'm getting tired of listening to the same old stuff on Virgin. Has anyone come across a decent English language radio station to listen to here in Bangkok? Musix

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I just joined the British Club a couple of weeks ago. I was a bit wary at first because it's so expensive to join but overall I reckon it's good value. The monthly fee is reasonable, it's got a great swimming pool, tennis and squash courts. I'm not sure if anyone has found somewhere better?

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Where do I find the best contemporary art galleries in Bangkok?New to Bangkok

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Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Phuket? Either Thai or farang food. Thanks. Golfer1

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I went to watch a movie today after checking EGV's schedule on their website. When I got there the times had changed and I had to watch another movie. Was I unlucky or are the schedules always this dodgy? Sarah

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Can anyone tell me where I can watch the matches of the World Cup? I'm not long here and don't really know the score. Thnx.

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I'm looking for somewhere new to go this weekend. Any ideas for new music venues or even just a new bar/pub. Getting bored of the same old places! Musix

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Anyone know where i can listen to some good jazz in Bangkok? OD

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I'm planning a shopping trip to Bangkok with a few girlfriends. what is a nice but reasonably priced hotel to stay in and is it true that the chatuchak (or something) market is only there on weekends?

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