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Are there any choirs in Bangkok? I used to belong to a choir in Sydney and I’m keen to take it up again.

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July 14th - 16thJoin jazz lovers at The Living Room and experience the extraordinary playing of Jens Bunge with The Jeremy Monteiro Trio as they pay a living tribute to the music of Toots Thielemans. Check it out at http://www.sheratongrandesukhumvit.com/en/forms/jensbunge

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Does anybody know where I can buy these in Bangkok?

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does anybody know how to go about getting tv or film work in bangkok

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Click on the link to YouTube in the BBC article. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13730774 What a hilarious way to make a great point.

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Where's a good shop with a variety of musical instruments for sale - guitars, drums, pianos, trumpet etc

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The Living Room Jazz Festival May 20th - June 5thThe festival kicks off with Hungarian sax sensation, Tony Lakatos supported by the Shawn Kelley Trio featuring David Gomes and the Michael Veerapen Trio.June 8th - 11thThe festival also welcomes the Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet. The fabulous international foursome includes guitarist, Eugene Pao from Hong Kong, Filipino sax man, Tots Tolentino, Thai drum master, Chanutr Techatana-nan, and Singapore's King of Swing, Jeremy Monteiro on piano. June 15th - 18thDon't miss the rare opportunity to hear sax legend and two-time Grammy award winner, Ernie Watts perform with the Jeremy Monteiro International Trio in the intimate surroundings of The Living Room. Virtuoso guitarist, Maew Chirasak will wow jazz lovers from June 21st - 22nd, and top Thai saxophonist, Koh Mr. Saxman will play from June 23rd - 24th. The Michael Veerapen Trio will support Thailand's foremost jazz musicians.Every Sunday and Monday evening in June, jazz lovers can also see the Randy Cannon Power Trio. There'll also be a special appearance by gifted trumpeter, Steve Cannon.

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Thailand’s annual Miss Tiffany’s Universe beauty pageant is internationally recognized as one of the largest and most colorful transgender beauty pageants in the world, with about 10 million domestic viewers tuning in to watch the live television broadcast of the most beautiful ladyboys (Katoeys) in Thailand compete for the exalted title of Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2011.It is estimated that Thailand’s transgender (also termed ladyboy, Katoey, kathoey, shemale, the “third sex”) population could be as high as 500,000, with one old Bangkok idiom being that there is a ladyboy for every bus shelter in the nations capital.The prize pool for contestants in the 2011 Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2011 competition exceeds Bt1 million (about $US33,400), including a new Honda Jazz car and use of an apartment for one year at Woodland Hotel & Resort in Pattaya for the winner.Read more at: Thailand’s most beautiful ladyboys line up for Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2011

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Where's the best place to enjoy Songkran if you don't like the madness of Khao San Road!

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As Thailand races towards it’s globally recognized water festival, Songkran, heralding in of the Thai New Year, all indications are that the 2011 Songkran celebrations in Thailand will be the wettest for a long time, though not as a result of over enthusiastic celebrations.The Thai Meteorological Department says a cold air system from China that crossed into Thailand yesterday, April 4 and today, April 5, will lower temperatures for the 2011 Songkran celebrations next week, with temperatures forecast to be around a mild 30C (86F), compared to the usual temperatures of around 40C (104F).As the death toll from the Thailand southern floods reached 53, fingers are already being pointed at illegal logging being to balsam for much of the flash flooding, mudslides and destruction, with one former agricultural official blaming those encroaching on government land to clear and grow rubber and palm plantations as being at fault.According to the Prime Ministers Office up to 580,000 homes have been affected by the floods, with the government approving a flood recovery assistance fund of Bt4.5 billion ($148.851 million) from budget reserves to provide each flooded home with a cash grant of Bt5,000 ($165.40) each.See the guide to 2011 Songkran dates and events across Thailand

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Yes, that's right! At the Siam Paragon (sold out?) .... but don't care where he is, I'll be there! June 10th at 8.30

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Has anybody been on the Siam Winery tour....it sounds quite interesting for a different thing to do in Bangkok? http://www.siamwinery.com/sw2006/visit.asp

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Any good blogs about Bangkok or Thailand….recommended?

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On New Year’s Eve, where’s the best place to see all the fireworks?

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I need some help! Having done the obvious with visiting friends I need some new ideas for what to do. I can usually keep people occupied for a couple of days but any longer and I'm at a lost!

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Does anybody know when the free concerts in Lumpini park by the BSO start this year...the weather has been cool enough already!

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Who says big acts don't come to Bangkok! 16th February at the Impact Arena. www.thaiticketmajor.com

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Looking at the paper for a good film to see this weekend and every cinema has the dreaded Harry Potter playing on virtually every screen. This being the first weekend for ages I've had the opportunity to go to the cinema I was looking forward to it, but I am not going to sit through Harry Potter, the 132nd episode, so what else is there to see for a bit of quality entertainment?

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Looking for interesting activities and things to do for recently divorced female with no kids, under 50 (just!) I've never been too keen on women's clubs, but interested in any suggestions people might have on things that will keep me busy in my limited spare time at the weekends. Too busy during the week because of work commitments. Thanks all.

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Anyone interested? http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/concert/charlatans-live-in-bangkok-eng.php

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