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For all film buffs! http://www.worldfilmbkk.com/

started by: Jo & Pete · last update: 1287183608 · posted: 1278352804

Has anybody been to the Universal theme park in Singapore? We were thinking of a family weekend away, not sure whether to try Universal or stick with Disney in Hong Kong?

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Does anyone know if it's reopened?

started by: geekgirl-453351 · last update: 1286214701 · posted: 1285513068

Tickets go on Sale Nov 1st! "Aristophanes' masterpiece re-worked by renowned playwright Germaine Greer with Phil Wilmott. It is the ultimate comedy about the battle of the sexes where women on both sides of the Peloponnesian War rally to Lysistrata’s war cry: “No Peace No Sex!”http://www.bct-th.org/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=108

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Any rockin Salsa nights in Bangkok?!

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How can I tell whether PSP3 games are legitimate or not before I buy them?

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Where can we watch some genuine Thai boxing in Bangkok?

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What’s involved in organizing fireworks for a party, can I buy them from a shop (where?), do I need a permit or an authorized firework organizer. Is it even possible to have a private firework display in Bangkok?

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Went to the movies recently and noticed you could pay a bit extra and get into the VIP cinema! Immediately thought it included a free limousine to drive up to the entrance and a long red carpet! For the extra cost of the ticket what exactly do you get?

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Hello guys and girls,Does anyone know if the Tour de France is shown live on tv in Bangkok?I have tried in vain to look for info through the net. I also have the true visions magazine for July but there seems to be nothing there.Thank you all.Regards,Juan Pablo

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A friend of mine is arriving soon for a holiday and loves shopping in bazaar type markets, even more when she can combine it with a street stall dinner. I know about the market at Lumpini, but are there any others?

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Will there be any in Bangkok or Pattaya? Nothing like watching the football with a bigger crowd than you can get in a pub.

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Another postponement caused by the political turmoil in Thailand.

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Locations for bowling in Bangkok?

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What's the local Thai movie scene like, any worth watching? Do they have English sub-titles?

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We fancy getting out of Bangkok and a trip on the river seems as good a way as any. Can anybody recommend a fun day trip on the river?

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Deadly Night in 1898 - interactive murder mystery dinner at the Plaza Athenee on the 20th to 22nd May http://www.murdermystery.asia/

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For all those interested! http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/concert/deep_purple2010_eng.php

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From a Jack to a King - A Rock 'n' Roll Musical and a British Theatre Playhouse production with a UK cast. At the Millennium Hilton Bangkok on the 20 - 22 May. More information on the website - http://www.britishtheatreplayhouse.com/whatson/ourproductions.html

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Not referring to the kids, but the movie! Has anybody seen it yet

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