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I've been searching the airwaves to find some good music without much success, what is the choice in Bangkok?

started by: Chuck-447824 · last update: 1268504872 · posted: 1268382077

Does anybody know if any of the Irish pubs in bangkok will be having a real Irish band on St Patrick's Day....no offence but the imitation bands are often painful

started by: nicky-453995 · last update: 1268247302 · posted: 1268247302

I need a couple of kegs of beer..... tried 7/11 already... and no luck....any ideas

started by: pip-453748 · last update: 1268207793 · posted: 1263888455

My parents are visiting and have said they would like to see some traditional Thai music and dance, but the real stuff not some show put on for the tourists. As they will be tourists themselves, I think this is a bit rich but you know how it is! Any suggestions that will help me and keep them happy! Much appreciated in advance.

started by: psl · last update: 1267804586 · posted: 1267804586

On the 17th March at Paragon, how good is that! http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/concert/kool_and_the_gang_eng.php

started by: Zak-453375 · last update: 1267436733 · posted: 1267436733

I don't suppose there's a singing policeman type service in Bangkok? A friend is having a party and I want to surprise him!

started by: iIlov · last update: 1267182690 · posted: 1266937089

Are there any book clubs in Bangkok...not part of one of the women's clubs

started by: GltnCo · last update: 1266859916 · posted: 1266702716

Any ideas where I can find a entertainer/bartender that does the fancy cocktail mixing

started by: humph e · last update: 1266566922 · posted: 1265480275

I need some recommendations for a venue for my 40th birthday party. Any ideas welcome.

started by: Hayley _ Sim · last update: 1266097248 · posted: 1265820318

Are there any?!!! I have a couple of Irish mates visiting soon, they've not been home for a while, travelling hard and they want a real Irish pub. Is there one in Bangkok, or which is the closest to the real thing?

started by: Summer-453872 · last update: 1266003527 · posted: 1266003527

Arts Theatre - Commedia dell'Arte performance at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. http://www.sheratongrandesukhumvit.com/commedia

started by: psl · last update: 1265875153 · posted: 1258313787

Where are some good venues to listen to some live jazz....easy listening in a casual atmosphere?

started by: dakra-453769 · last update: 1265029277 · posted: 1264260366

Three of us will be in Bangkok in a couple of weeks for a girls weekend away from the daily grind and we need some ideas for fun places for a great night out in Bangkok. Ideal for young 30s with a sense of humour!

started by: jal-447902 · last update: 1264429071 · posted: 1206285911

Fairly new to Bangkok and want to know some answers to a few questions about wine? I understand that it is expensive because of taxation, is this true? Where are some good places to buy some decent wine? Is Thai wine drinkable? Is it a worth a visit to one of the local vineyards? Thank you. JAL

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After a three month break, the Punchline Comedy Club is back with the hottest stand up comics. Including one multi-talented performer from Canada: Stewart Francis; the nominee of Best Newcomer Edinburgh Fringe 2009: Pete Johansson and the winner of the Best Live Performer award for two years running at the London Comedy Festival: John Moloney.The shows are on Fri, & Saturday 12th & 13th (9pm) February 2010. Tickets are B1,500. Buy presale tickets today until Jan 13 only 1,200 Baht. The number of seats is limited so if you don't want to miss this... make sure you get your tickets asap! To reserve yours please call 02-233-4141 or 02-234-3590 or book online at http://www.greatbritishpub.com.

started by: Kirstin2004 · last update: 1263907164 · posted: 1263731537

My friends all rave about Cirque du Soleil, have they ever come to Bangkok? Or is there a local equivalent worth seeing?

started by: therockpub · last update: 1263825881 · posted: 1263825881

Goober Gun, an Alternative Rock band from London, England is performing at The Rock Pub with 3 local bands: Abuse the Youth, Over Me, Ghost Story.The date is Wednesday February 10, 2010 starting at 8.00 P.M. The tickets are 200 Baht each with 1 free drink. www.therockpub-bangkok.com

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Is it true that Tom Jones is playing live in Bangkok?

started by: S_9 · last update: 1263029074 · posted: 1262097311

Are there any good films showing at the moment? Not too heavy, but with a script that requires a brain to follow it!

started by: TickTack-448838 · last update: 1262804282 · posted: 1262520344

M People....one of my favourites and Heather will be playing live at the British CLub...!!! And for a great cause the Mellisa Cosgrove Children Foundation. http://bigorganization.ning.com/events/an-evening-withheather-small

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