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Hi, any ideas where I can get 100 balloons filled with helium and delivered?!

started by: Elmer-448769 · last update: 1253719322 · posted: 1217626327

I haven't done much research on this for a while but are there any English language programmes/films you can download from the internet?

started by: TRJones · last update: 1253607376 · posted: 1253459934

Are there any good films for children showing in the cinemas, I had a look and couldn't see anything. Any films due to be released soon? My son has been moaning we haven't been for ages!

started by: Bundle9 · last update: 1253523829 · posted: 1251986427

What are the "must dos" of Bangkok? I've visited many times but want to make sure I've covered the best cultural and historic attractions.

started by: AnyMe · last update: 1251929026 · posted: 1251929026

Is there a specialist shop that sells remote control cars?

started by: Wizzper · last update: 1251757675 · posted: 1234544653

And another one for your diaries! Mamma Mia, the musical from the movie, coming to Bangkok in August!

started by: S Sugden · last update: 1251545118 · posted: 1251545118

Have just given up searching for a website that gives honest reviews of places to eat and pubs in bangkok. Can anybody recommend a good website that they have found to give reliable information? One thing I know for sure is that you can't trust any of the newspaper or magazine reviews found in local media!

started by: Mel Smith · last update: 1251479572 · posted: 1250776524

Call me old fashioned but I still like to own a CD with all the cover notes and the rest, rather than downloading my music. But I'm finding the choice of classical music CDs rather limited in Bangkok. Is there a specialist store or a big general music store that has a good range?

started by: magic_years · last update: 1251465188 · posted: 1251374896

Are there any acting classes or even a group that is prepared to take on a relative novice? T

started by: Vanniche · last update: 1251291396 · posted: 1250611691

Looking to make some friends in Bangkok and have a more active social life with friendly people of all nationalities! Any recommendations for good groups or things to get involved with....I'm 28 and single, so not really after a bridge or bowling club!

started by: marchbkk · last update: 1251192176 · posted: 1250990582

I'm looking for a good place to go dancing, somewhere that plays top 40/pop/ mainstream hip-hop. Bed and Q bar are always nice but I am looking for something with a lower cover charge. RCA and Khao San are too far out. Any recommendatios of good clubs/ lounges?

started by: DuckSoup · last update: 1250589583 · posted: 1250113820

Hi there, Wanting to learn Salsa but not sure how to start?

started by: Chloe K · last update: 1250262901 · posted: 1250262901

Are there any in the next few months?

started by: Beth&James · last update: 1249047607 · posted: 1246524972

We were just discussing whether it’s possible to go grape picking for fun in Thailand! There are vineyards but I doubt there is enough local demand to make it viable?

started by: Chuck-447824 · last update: 1247165639 · posted: 1245432513

Has anybody tried this? www.liveplay.in.th just read about it in the Big Chilli, looks like fun and safer than paintball

started by: Megan&Tom · last update: 1246142306 · posted: 1244009791

What's happened to BBC on True? 2 nights in a row I can't find it, what's happened? Concerned.

started by: Suevin · last update: 1245432312 · posted: 1244368551

Referring to the new disney film which I saw a preview for recently...is up...on soon? Does anybody know the release date?

started by: Langsuan33 · last update: 1245186533 · posted: 1244973270

Are there any basic introductory art courses that run for a few days over selected weekends?

started by: P45 · last update: 1244900726 · posted: 1244664918

Are there any small unique real "boutique" style hotels in Bangkok ... not your typical run of the mill hotel part of an international chain or small and rubbish run down flea trap...I need somewhere really original and special

started by: gigi-450056 · last update: 1244048554 · posted: 1244048554

which of the many Irish pubs in bangkok have the best live bands?

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