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I need to open an offshore account, which is the most reliable and secure?

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My father is sadly dying in a hospital in Bangkok - a matter of hours/days to go.  He has lived in Thailand for 20+ years (is a resident) and has been married to a Thai lady under UK law, but not under Thai law.... (they were married in Hong Kong prior to the handover).  He has various properties around Thailand although I understand that his wife owns the properties with land but not the condominium in Bangkok?  Their main residence is in Hua Hin. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a lawyer ideally based in Hua Hin that might be able to help unravel what I suspect will be a complicated (and not necessarily lucrative) probate?  I am based in Uk, my sister is in Bangkok at the moment. I have alot of other questions too but guess this will be a good place to start. Thank you

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Is a lawyer required under Thai law to draft a last will and testament or can it be done by an individual?

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I just renewed a non immigrant visa (married) and am not sure whether it was just the wrong immigration officer on the wrong day, but there was an issue and fine for not reporting my address every 90 days as required. It's never been an issue before, but in case it has become one I wanted to share the information ... don't forget to notify immigration of your address every 90 days!

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I am planning to stay in Thailand for at least 6 months starting in Oct. and want to leave myself enough time to get the right visa.  I do qualify for a retirement visa--do you get it in the US and then enter Thailand with it, or do you need another kind of visa to enter and then apply in Thailand.  I'm not clear on this.  Also, any simpler methods of staying for 6 months?  Thanks

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Would you know what to do if someone dies? Do you know the Thai legal process? Did you know that the Will and the Executor must go to court to be approved? Do you know what the succession laws of Thailand are and how they will affect your asset distibution?  

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Does anyone have any real experience with the new tourist visa rules yet?

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I recently discovered that expats working here and paying social security, upon stopping work after 55 years old are entitled to a pension payout! I just picked up a cheque for 106,000 Baht. If it wasn't for my wife working at social security I would never known about this.

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Our next door neighbour has put a wall up very near to my house nearer than the law allows. I've spoken to him but he has not moved it back so I will be taking legal action. Anyone know of a good legal firm..

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Thought this may interest you guys I received Thai Authorities crack down on ‘Visa Runs’ The Thai government has officially announced that it is cracking down further on expats who regularly extend their stay in the kingdom by going on visa runs.So-called visa runs in some cases do not actually involve an application for a normal visa to work in Thailand at all. They are in fact a way for people holding a 60-day tourist visas and 30-day exemptions to live and work in Thailand.Back in June, we reported that the Thailand’s Immigration Bureau had instructed officials to only allow initial extensions of stay – in other words only up to three entries would be permitted on the same visa.[1]However, the Immigration Bureau has since made a more official move, informing foreign embassies and consulates in Thailand[2] that anyone allowed back into the country will have an O-I (Out-In) mark stamped in their passport.According to the Immigration Bureau’s website, leniency will be granted until 12thAugust, but only for those arriving in Thailand by air. From 13th August, if you have that the O-I stamp in your passport, you will not be allowed back into Thailand, unless you have a proper visa related to the purpose of your intended stay.The penalties for over-staying are to become harsher too. Under the current system, they stand at a THB 500/day fine, up to a maximum of THB 20,000. From October the penalty will be anything from a one to ten-year ban from entering Thailand.[3]These changes could severely affect some sectors, such as English teaching by native speakers. As some teachers do not intend to stay in Thailand for more than a year, employers find it inefficient to apply for work permits and accompanying visas. Now multiple visa extensions will no longer be permitted, meaning schools will have to find another way to ensure their teachers are staying legally in the country.[4]As obtaining a visa is a bureaucratic process, in which the relevant rules and regulations can sometimes be altered, it can be complicated and time-consuming if you do it yourself. If you need a visa – especially one to live in Thailand – and/or a work permit, it’s more efficient to get a specialist to the do all the work for you.MBMG Corporate Solutions’ legal department consists of a team of professionals with vast experience in handling these matters. They can guide you through the correct process every step of the way.For more information, please contact us at the following address: info@mbmg-group.com or by calling us on +66 2 665 2536.

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Hi, I am referring back to some correspondence under this heading dated 08/06/2011 from ha2p and SteveSr. I want to ask if there is any particular format for a Thai will written in English or should I follow the same format as a DIY English will.  Also does anyone know if wills in Thailand have to go through a 'probate' check.  My wife (Thai) says that few Thais write wills and that these things are usually sorted out within the family.  I have  no property in Thailand and will be leaving what little money I have to my wife, however as I have children in UK and some money in UK that I will leave to them, with a UK will written by Expat Legal Wills, I thought I shoud have a Thai will too to fully cross the tees and dot the eyes. All advice would be appreciated.        Geoff.T

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Can anyone help!  I am searching for my biological mother who I have not seen since I was 5 yrs old. (now 40 yrs old).  Due to bitter divorce I was separated from my mother.  My parents married in Thailand. (Mom, naitive Thailand, Dad American) My dad was in the service then (Army).  I have no info on my mom nor do I know what avenue to start.  My dad passed way when I was 13 so I have no info to go on about my mom.  All I have is my birth certificate. All I know is they were married in Bangkok, not sure if it was on base back then or what procedures.  I was told that if I can obtain a copy of there marriage cert application- this can show address of my mother.  (if so, this will be a start.) I will be traveling to Thailand in August on a volunteer mission.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have recently moved to Thailand from Canada and am in need of an honest tax accountant that knows tax treaties between Thailand and Canada and can help with the filing of my income tax over here in Thailand. He must be able to speak fluent English, as my ability to speak Thai is very limited.

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Hi everyone, I am a resident here in Thailand and was wondering whether or not I can own land here. I have a feeling no but would like to know. Tried to research on line but didn't get anywhere really, so thought I'd try here before going to the land department whereever that is.

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Work Permits, Work Visas, Retirement Visas with or without funds, ED Visas, marriage Visas.........company set up for 100% Foreigner owned, all the paperwork handled.   Call Millennium Law Company 02-321-1029 or email millenniumlawcompany@gmail.com No refusals, door-to-door service. Fast, easy, professional.

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I am a teacher here in Bangkok and work for an established company that sends it's teachers to large companies to evaluate their staffs English standards. I have been with them continuously for eight years on a renewable one year visa and work permitt. However I have not had a cost of living rise or annual increment over that whole period. Is this legal????? Your advice would be much appreciated.

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Since posting my query yesterday I have found all the information I require here on the anglo info website.  Click information, Click money, Click wills and inheritances, and all is explained. Thankyou Anglo Info       Geoff.T

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http://www.youthmonthlypay.com/index.php?refcode=30234   Pls. Click the link and register. Thanks????

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