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Where can I find Vegemite in Bangkok? Will travel!

started by: JohnnyR · last update: 1461813047 · posted: 1445031299

Does anyone know the updated position on the Governments ban of USA Turkeys since the health scare there in American a while back?

started by: Casey-449361 · last update: 1450863993 · posted: 1236326565

Has anyone seen a Nespresso for sale in Thailand, together with the little coffee pods you have to use?

started by: bangkok babe · last update: 1444209436 · posted: 1444035373

I am looking to buy a Korean Happy Call pressure double sided pan, does anybody know where I can find this in Bangkok?

started by: tea42-878301 · last update: 1433745808 · posted: 1433745808

Does anyone know of butchers in the Bangkok area that have grass fed lamb beef and pork. It would also be nice to buy free range organic eggs.

started by: kidcreole · last update: 1428416423 · posted: 1424765190

Anyone know where I Can get an Authentic Pizza, not pizza hut/company, nor dominos. Would love a home made recipe one simole but original. Any ideas?

started by: jan505 · last update: 1427621182 · posted: 1427621182

Looking to meet other paleo's to share knowledge about different subjects especialy the topic of where to source the food that goes along with it, such as butchers, shops and restaurants.

started by: BTS rocks · last update: 1421912514 · posted: 1421912514

Korean bbq is very popular here in BKK and I was wondering which are the best ones and best value. I went to that Korean village by Time Square and although tasty a little on the expensive side. Any help would be appreaciated.

started by: Goosebumps · last update: 1421651993 · posted: 1421651993

For Xmas I was bought a coffee press with 2 bags of ground coffee from Starbucks. I checked the price and it was very expensive IMO. Does anyone know of a place where you can get decent ground coffee at a decent price.

started by: jan505 · last update: 1420965321 · posted: 1420965321

Many super markets sell spices but normally they do not have to many. Does anyone know of  a spice market in or around Bangkok where there is many choices and all are fresh.

started by: koh san karl · last update: 1415521255 · posted: 1415521255

I've decided to improve my cooking and need some tuition. Does anyone know where there is western cooking classes for me to go to. I'm also interested in learning Thai cuisine as well.

started by: bangkok babe · last update: 1414231046 · posted: 1413705333

I see on angloinfo farmers markets that are held inside of the city but I was wondering whether there are any on the outskirts of Bangkok. I live out Chiang Wattana way and don't of any.

started by: greta-876962 · last update: 1414224410 · posted: 1414224410

I miss sweets like wine gums, sherbert lemons, pineapple chunks etc. Anybody no whether sweets like this from the UK are available here in Thailand.

started by: bangkok 101 · last update: 1413530324 · posted: 1413530324

Does anyone know where I can get descent horse radish. I checked out Villa but they only have the smooth creamy mild stuff. Anyone know where I can get the real deal.

started by: skylar-878297 · last update: 1411971393 · posted: 1411971393

I was in thge Paragon the other day and at their supermarket they had all types of nuts for sale. But so so expensive. Is there a market in town where I can buy these like wholesale and therefore cheaper.

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I've just arrived back from the UK where I enjoyed many flavours of yogurt I haven't seen here. One particular flavour stood out and that was Cherry choco;ate. Anybody know if you can get somewhere here in BKK.

started by: ozzyrules · last update: 1405406008 · posted: 1405406008

Does anyone have any ideas where I can get soft shell crab to buy for home cooking. I have tried all the usual places but cant find any. I make a great soft shell curry and although you can get at many restaurants around town I make a real mean one.

started by: Minnie me-905147 · last update: 1400653799 · posted: 1400049334

I've always wanted to know that does freezing meet spoil its taste. The reason I ask is I bought some cheap frozen local the other day and 3 days before I cooked it I took it out of the freezer thawed it and let it stay in the veggie part of the fridge. When I marinaded and cooked it I have to say was very tasty and tender. It cost 350 baht for 300grams.

started by: skylar-878297 · last update: 1392718766 · posted: 1392024293

Does anyone know where I can buy Bisto Gravy Granules, the foodland at Laksi close to where I live used to but for the last year has not. I know Villa has but its along way for me to travel, but I do miss me gravy.

started by: jim-876969 · last update: 1390807877 · posted: 1390807877

To smoke a cigar these days is not possible unless you want to smoke in a car park or at home. Does anyone know of a place like a club where you can sit at a bar and smoke cigars and drink brandy with no problems.

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