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I have got a few bags of clothing (all in good condition) - I would like to donate to a charity or a clothing bank - Does anyone here know where I can send them? If there is a reliable place I am happy to organise a collection from the condo I live in - well its Christmas soon, maybe it would go to good use.    Looking for any suggestions.   Thanks so much!  

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greta-876962 1446016790

I usually give clothes to my maid as she can distribute them, but I know there are organizations, I will ask and let you know, 

raram28 1446020935

Thank you very much Greta.

Gale Bailey MBE 1446102275

Gift of Happiness will be very pleased to receive any donations as Edward Haworth, founder and director, makes a monthly trip up country to distribute clothing, toiletries plus household items - whatever he has.  He can collect if you give him notice but there is also a drop-off point at DTC Travel, Sukhumvit Soi 49 Tel 023921953 or Edward on 0813411549 -

For more places to donate please check British Women's Group website - - welfare section. 

I do hope this helps but if not, please let me know and I will try to assist further.  TTFN!


paul-876970 1446105525

Thaks Gale, very useful info! 



raram28 1446106607

Thanks lovely - Thanks so much Gale!


Have a great day!



raram28 1446107123

Apologies - that should have read 


"That's lovely - Thanks so much Gale!"


Have a lovely day 

* Those B(**&^ auto corrects - LOL

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