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Is it just me or is it the weather, or the economy, or the bad traffic, or something that has seemed to wipe the smile from many shop assistants. For the last few months no matter where I have shopped I seem to get a very cold attitude and dedinately no smile although I smile at them and am very polite. That old friendly smile may still be evident up country but here in the capital I feel that it is slipping away. Obviously there are exceptions which are lovely when they occur.

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Sanuk 1428680835

I also noticed people don't seem so smiley as usual...  I think it  may be the political uncertainty and  knowing Thai people, their smiles will soon be back :))

Some of friends are having to work two jobs to earn enough money because tourists that tip well are not travelling to Thailand at the moment.  

One friend works all day in a very demanding job, goes home at 6pm and sleeps for a couple of hours, goes to his second job (delivering plant displays to hotels and offices) at 11pm,  goes home at 3am, sleeps again for a couple of hours and gets up for his day job.  If I had to work so hard, for so little money, I don't think I would be smiling either...

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