Price of Pentax Optio W30 please!!

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Hi, I am writing from France, but am coming to Thailand for a holiday in a couple of months. I would like to buy the Pentax Optio W30, and have been told cameras are really cheap over there. Could someone possibly try & find out the average price for this in one Bangkok, PLEASE. (So I can see if it is worth it to wait a bit....) THANK YOU!

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Thetyim 1193603191

8600 baht

poochie-447232 1193611576


Jam-447339 1193687573

That's a good price. I saw it for about 10000 baht in Siam Paragon! The only problem is the location of the shops is in Thai! Could anyone translate the address of the shop located in central Bangkok? That would be really helpful, thanks in advance for any help!!


Thetyim 1193746626

Which one is nearest to you?

Pantip Plaza, Ma Boon Krong,
Central Lat Phrao, IT Square Laksi,
Future Park Rangsit, and Don Muang.

Jam-447339 1193756447

Pantip Plaza is great for me, thanks. I thought they only did dodgy computers and software in Pantip, I didn't realise you can get legitimate stuff as well!!


OD 1194116157

Pantip has some good shops but there is a lot of dodgy stuff there as well. I've heard that 90% of the fake software they sell comes together with a virus? Not sure if that's a rumour started by the big software manufacturers or if it's true? As long as you have up to date virus protection, you'll be alright.

Anyway, I've been in that Bask 1 and it's full legit. Happy shopping!



Jam-447339 1194194643

Just been to Pantip and bought myself a new Canon. Great camera and great price.


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