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Hi, I'm guessing this is a pretty regular discussion on the forum here, but things change over time and I'm hoping somebody can recommend a good reliable estate agent in Bangkok. My wife and I are moving soon and would like to make contact ahead of arrival. Looking to rent a one or two bedroom apartment, maybe near Asoke, or at least along Sukhumvit Road somewhere. Close to the Sky Train and a supermarket ideally. Any points in the general dierection of an expat friendly agent would be great. Thanks   Ross

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There are a lot o so called wannabe real estate agents here, a lot here today and gone tomorrow! These people (Forbest)  have been around for a long time, pro's for sure, I have used them and so have my froends. Call Khun Dao, Head of International Clients Services, Mobile : +66 (0) 819635154

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