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Has anyone took the train to Hua Hin? What's it like or is it just easier to hire a taxi for the trip there? I've heard you can fly down there now? Sarah

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Marcus-447201 1191245535

It is possible to get the train to Hua Hin and it's a very relaxing way to travel, I can thouroughly recommend it. But it's not quick! If you want a relaxing start to your holiday it's a good way to go.

And it is true that there is an airline that flys between Bangkok International Airport and Hua Hin. I think it flys a couple of times a day.


Thetyim 1191330127

I agree the train is a nice way to travel through thailand.
If you are doing a lot of travelling then foreigners can get a 20 day rail pass for unlimited travel .

SGA Airlines flies Bangkok - HuaHin three times a day

Details here:

Justin-447214 1191408815

I agree the train is a far better way to travel than the plane, its probably quicker if you factor in transfers and check in etc and of course more eco friendly.

Also consider the bus, its quicker than the train, comfortable, regular and drops you off in a central location.

I've used all three methods, the train is good to try if you haven't experienced Thai trains before but if you just want to get there quickly, cheaply, comfortably with a regular service then the bus is the way to go.

Sarah-447204 1192912528

Not sure about the bus. Can't they be a bit dangerous, you do hear some horror stories about crashes?


poochie-447232 1193751792

Thetyim, can you please give more details on the 20 day rail pass ?! ie: price for adults and unders 2's. thanks!!

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