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With the rescent spate of fatal air crahes and mishaps on budget airlines which ones in Thailand are the safest.

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I'm coming to stay in Bangkok over Songkran and wish not to be soaked where ever I go. Are there any suggestions of areas to avoid geeting wet.

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I understand that the government has a new initiative by which taxi drivers can be reported. to the police, how does this work as yesterday I was on Silom road and 3 taxis refused to take me. They sped off quickly but I did take down the car's plates.

started by: Terry-1002465 · last update: 1428082653 · posted: 1428082653

Hi, I am wishing to make a small apartment look larger, ie to turn 2 walls into mirrors. Does anyone know of a supplier in Bangkok (near lower Sukhumvit if possible) of 2 - 3 mm thick adhesive acrylic mirror wall tiles ? Not a big job, around 12 square metres in all. Any info much appreciated, as I cant find much on the internet in Bangkok. Thanks in advance

started by: Sanuk · last update: 1426786698 · posted: 1394392627

I am looking to buy some large, realistic-looking artificial plants for my apartment as I am often away for long periods of time and cannot look after real ones. Any recommendations as to where I could buy some would be very much appreciated.

started by: Sanuk · last update: 1426786324 · posted: 1424290318

I am looking to have painted canvasses framed/stretched and wondered if anyone knows any good places (in Bangkok) to go for this?

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You are an expat working in Thailand and you find cultural gaps and diversity a hinderance to your desirable team performance? You find it uncomfortable to fit in?  We coordinally invite you to our "Business Innovation in Asian Age" seminar. JOIN our "Business Innovation in Asian Age" seminar to understand how to create disruptive innovation, innovative organization, while having a good balance with "Kaizen".Agenda:Part 1: Innovative Thinking by Leveraging Team Diversity- What thinking Vs. Why thinking- Kaizen Vs. Innovation- Collaborative team brainstormingPart 2: Leadership for Business Model Innovation- Innovation framework for Asian companies- Leadership to implement strategy successfullyPart 3: Case Discussion- How to overcome cultural gap in a team- Role PlayingSpeakers line up:1. Mr.Isao Hosoya, well known author of best seller book "Ji Atama Ryoku", a logical thinking training book.2. Dr.Tanai Charinsarn, MBA Lecturer at Chulalonkorn University3. Mr.Katsuhiro Nakamura, CEO & founder of Asian Identity, HR Consulting firm in Thailand.Time & Venue: 1:00PM-5:30PM Saturday 7th February 2015  @ S31 Hotel, Bangkok - 545 Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 10110Price:5350 THB (5000+7%VAT) / person***LIMITED TO 30 PARTICIPANTS ONLY Our seminar is highly recommended for - Thai or Expats working in a multicultural environment- Those who want to disrupt the market with disruptive innovation / transform your organization to become more innovation- Those who are interested in managing organization diversity For information and registration:  p.chanchai@a-identity.asia or 0879741700(Khun Pongsakorn)Self registration at goo.gl/forms/wJCExRHSf7

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I recently moved to Bangkok. I am looking for a maid.can anyone tell me how to find one?

started by: springisblooming · last update: 1421880982 · posted: 1317635831

HI Can anyone tell me what a reasonable wage for a live out maid/nanny would be? Do you give a year end bonus? when is it applicable to give a salary increase? Thanks in advance

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I have quiet a large amount of winter clothes that I would like to donate to Northern Thailand. Can anyone suggest an honest and good charity where I can do so.

started by: greta-876962 · last update: 1421241715 · posted: 1421134976

Does anyone no of a computor typing course that I can go to here in Bangkok,  as I need to have a bit of speed in my typing for my new job. The course would have to be in English.

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Your retirement is near ? Why not in Hua Hin - Thailand.... On offer we have 3 spacious 2 bed room condos for sale. Direct on the beach and close to shopping, entertainment. Interested ? Drop an email for details.

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I know I should be learning Thai but I want to learn Italian...anyone know of some beginner Italian language classes I can take? Tom

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Does anyone know where I can obtain and official bus time table and map of where they go. I've heard its a very cheap way to get round the city.

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There are quiet a few budget airlines that fly out of Bangkok's 2 airports and I was wondering which are the more relieable and safest of them all.

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I have to go to the new immigration office on Changwattana Rd for the first time soon and was wondering whether or not this is good carping space. As I remember where it used to be was hopeless.

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Are you as concerned as I am about the plastic rubbish, including the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, that we see everywhere?  If so, join the global campaign to do something about it! If everybody does a little, a lot will be achieved.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/656/074/365/pledge-to-clean-up-some-plastic-rubbish-every-day/ Thank you.

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Does anyone out there no of a service where one can get a PC repaired at home. I cannot get around like before so need some company that does house calls, anyone know of any. Thanks in advance.

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Is Index Living Mall closing down? I hope not, as I really like the store but when I was in MBK earlier today, shelves were empty and there was very little stock... Anyone know anything?

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There are so many Malls here in Bangkok it's all a bit confusing. Which are the best ones that have the best eateries, retail shops, supermarket, parking and the such like. Thx

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