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A Thai friend of a friend was trying to tell me today about this place in Samut Songkram where you can see fireflies at night time next to the river. Sounded really cool, but I couldn't really get many details from her. Does anyone know any more?

started by: NewBiz · last update: 1225184143 · posted: 1224950811

We will be in Bangkok next month for a few weeks looking at new business opportunities. While mixing business & pleasure what sort of networking and social opportunities are there?

started by: Newmom-449103 · last update: 1225122508 · posted: 1222632158

Having been caught for the umpteenth time and getting soaked am getting a bit fed up with the rain....when does it end???

started by: New2BKK · last update: 1225058822 · posted: 1223970866

Hi, what are the telephone numbers you should call in case of any type of emergency. For example, medical, criminal or fire and what chances will you have of speaking to someone who can speak English? In particular, if we are out and about and for any reason we have to call an ambulance, is there one number we can call, if we are anywhere in Bangkok or surrounding provinces.

started by: Newmom-449103 · last update: 1224847113 · posted: 1224689206

What is the reason for the public holiday tomorrow...is it religious or for some other reason?

started by: Sandra Wright-449552 · last update: 1224777933 · posted: 1223916310

Hello...we would like to celebrate Christmas Midnight Mass this year and I was wondering if there was a friendly and open church in Bangkok?

started by: CooperNZ-447416 · last update: 1224682965 · posted: 1223581857

Fitted sheets and duvet covers for non standard mattress sizes. Any thoughts anyone as to where I can have these made? Or do I have to import?

started by: Neptune-449579 · last update: 1224670902 · posted: 1224537438

Is there a shop that sells Bose products in Bangkok? I'm after a special birthday present.

started by: Jane@38 · last update: 1224605908 · posted: 1224362504

A friend of mine was telling me that a whale shark was spotted off Pataya beach last week? Difficult to believe...any truth in it?

started by: Sashki · last update: 1224594993 · posted: 1224426345

Hi...any views on which is the best PDA/Blackberry on the market available in Thailand. Wanted mostly for email and internet on the move. How about the iPhone...does that measure up? Any points of view welcome!

started by: Sandra Wright-449552 · last update: 1224586574 · posted: 1224406500

Emails that I am sending to one particular address are getting lost, they are not going to the spam filter but are disappearing altogether. Any suggestions about what we can do? It is to a Yahoo address and I don't hold out much hope of getting any help from Yahoo.

started by: MizTake-449318 · last update: 1224485857 · posted: 1223840483

Best keep away from Siam Paragon, central world and any other spots on Rama I close to the police headquarters tomorrow. Unfortunately who knows what might happen with the march by PAD.

started by: Sean-King · last update: 1224420246 · posted: 1223714179

Hi, my job has started to take my around Thailand and I'm looking for something that will give me a mobile internet connection on my lap top virtually anywhere I go. Any ideas, thanks?

started by: mairess · last update: 1224335680 · posted: 1223925974

Hi I was wondering if anyone could please help I am trying to find out where you can buy christmas decorations its our first christmas here with two little boys so I was wondering if someone could please let me know where to go to get decorations. Many thanks mairess

started by: Sashki · last update: 1224141728 · posted: 1224077288

I need to set up a small home/office network with three pcs and a couple of laptops & printers. Can anyone recommend a company that can help?

started by: Kirstin2004 · last update: 1224024647 · posted: 1223733439

Hi, Looking for a very special hat and haven't been too impressed with what I've found so far. Any ideas from anyone?

started by: innez1968 · last update: 1223621342 · posted: 1222639220

I will be looking for a short but intensive Thai language course.....any recommendations?

started by: Concerned-449510 · last update: 1223621167 · posted: 1223416821

Hello. I have been looking at the news reports with increasing concern today about the situation in Bangkok. We will be arriving in a week for a short holiday, but is it safe?

started by: Newmom-449103 · last update: 1223494572 · posted: 1222675587

Hi all, is the SMS overseas parcel delivery service a safe way to send presents overseas or should I go for one of the international parcel couriers like DHL or Fedex?

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Bit of a long shot this one, but is there anywhere we can learn some of the classic ballroom dances for an upmarket wedding we'll be attending in a few months!

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