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Hi, looking at some of the prices today for imported goods - toys, clothes and food it struck me that maybe it's not just import taxes that make them so expensive, but also certain retailers putting hefty mark-ups on so called "luxury" imported goods, when back home we all know they are far from luxury brands!

started by: Celia Kirsch · last update: 1222966146 · posted: 1222725944

Nice website for those wanting to know more about and be warned about scams taking place in Bangkok and Thailand http://www.bangkokscams.com/

started by: Newmom-449103 · last update: 1222940001 · posted: 1222776504

Hi all, Looking for some help with what are the typical tips for a variety of activities in Thailand Posh restaurants plastic chair restaurants car park attendants delivery men In fact any others that anyone else can think of!!!

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Anybody knows shops like Cash converters(Pattaya) in Bangkok?. viajera

started by: Veroon · last update: 1222444867 · posted: 1222444867

My partner and I will soon be arriving in Thailand for a holiday and we were hoping to get in contact with any English speaking birdwatching clubs in Thailand.

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Not sure if this is the best forum for this question but too lazy to join another "technical" forum to ask the question. My mobile has become particularly erratic when I'm connecting to the internet, like I may have a virus or something. How do I know for sure and is there anything I can do about it? JAL

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I need to get a diamond ring repaired, not a quick job as the band will be replaced and the stone reset. I have a design in mind but am very nervous about the jewellers in Bangkok, having heard about a lot of scams. Is there a shop that I could trust enough to leave the diamond with them while they make the new ring?

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Hi, any ideas as to where I can dump off a whole load of clothes, both adults and kids, for recycling?

started by: Rianta-447723 · last update: 1221810727 · posted: 1218198186

Hi, does anyone regularly use the chao phraya river boats and/or the boats on the small canals or klongs? Are they a good way of getting about Bangkok? Thanks.

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I'm looking for (larger quantity) organic cotton children's t-shirts in natural or black color. Anyone know any good source? Thanks!

started by: Kirstin2004 · last update: 1221678835 · posted: 1220029110

Hi not having visited a temple before I'm a little unsure of temple etiquette and have heard a number of conflicting ideas. For example with regards to photos...is it ok or not? And dress...do women have to wear long trousers or is a skirt ok? If so what length? Any help with what is correct and what isn't?

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Hi All i am looking for a place which has lots of old US army jeeps etc stored.... Kinda heard about it but never found out where If anyone can help it would be great Thanks

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I'm looking for a competent and knowledgeable sound and/or wiring technician able to install wiring in my condo ceiling for stereo and surround sound. Anyone know someone?

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Is the train service back to normal in Thailand. I heard that there were many disruptions because of the political problems?

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Hi to all, currently i am searching for a full time teaching job at international schools. I am wondering how much I should state my salary expectations as i am absolutely clueless as to what to expect in Thailand. Can anyone let me know a fair amount which i should ask for? I have teaching experience in the country where i come from. Do they provide accomdation for expat teachers too? Thank you very much. yk

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Cousins arriving by cruise boat for the day in a couple of weeks. Anyone know if there are ferry boat links or other river boat services from the port to the "main" spots on the Chao Praya? Would rather start their day with a boat ride than a taxi ride! All ideas appreciated.

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I saw a poster up for a "Living Bangkok" exhibition being held at the Bumrungrad hospital in September. It's an annual event and the publicity claims that it's a must for expats? Has anyone been to one of the previous exhibitions and got any comments? Thanks.

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Hiya...I'll be in Thailand for a few weeks next month and want to know if my gear will work; hairdryer, hair straightener, notebook, iPod charger and camera charger. It was all bought here in the USA?

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hi, out of the hundreds of shopping malls in Bangkok, which do people consider to be the best? For example of the really well known ones, Central World, Siam Paragon and Emporium which provides the best shopping experience?

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Hi, from any old hands out there that have been there and done that....should I learn to read Thai when I'm learning to speak Thai? I don't want to be fluent in Thai but able to communicate in most situations.

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