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Hi, I was in a taxi today and there was such a mass of amulets and other stuff hanging around the rear-view mirror he could hardly see out the car. It got me thinking about what exactly are amulets for....are they a Buddhist thing similar to the cross worn by Christians?

started by: Jim.Londoner · last update: 1220426609 · posted: 1219413287

I am about to buy a new laptop and was thinking of doing it online this time. What are people's experiences of online computer stores in Thailand...there seems to be quite a choice.

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wondering what its like in Bangkok with the PAD demonstrations? WE are reading all about it in the papers...and as we are due to move there in a few weeks, wondering what its REALLY like on the ground??? thanks Deb Debra Waltersmoving to Bangkok soon....with 3 kids under 5 and hubby!

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Hi again, another question from me! .... how can I find the local government office for Sathorn? Thanks again...

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Can anyone help me with getting the telephone number for Chiang Mai railway station?

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Hi, I need a place that can supply about 20/30 embroidered polo shirts at a great price. Any ideas?

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On my way to work this morning and passed one of the many new skyscrapers being constructed, that had a crane on the top floor. It got me wondering how do they get these things down when the building has been finished??!! Just in case anyone knows the answer? mike

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I've found a couple of places, such as Central Chidlom that have a small selection of large size shoes (UK Size 10) and clothing but are there any other places in Bangkok?

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Any suggestions for a very frustrated internet user? TOT broadband has slowed to a dismal speed over the last few days and TOTs response is that because we are 1km from Silom we are at the end of the line and should expect a slow speed. When I pointed out I was paying for 2mbs but getting 415 kbps there wasn't much reaction. True don't service where I live so as far as I'm aware there is no alternative....pleaseee help me.....!!! any ideas are very welcome!

started by: finly-447621 · last update: 1218814608 · posted: 1214379564

According to the Nation, True are giving away free access to slow speed Wifi in central Bangkok. Will try and get a card and PR to say how it goes. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/worldhotnews/read.php?newsid=30076453 Fin

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I understand that there is a large Chinese cemetery which is close to the Surasak sky train station. Has anyone got a more detailed explanation of where it is exactly?

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Hi, I'm interested in ideas for places to go in Thailand for long weekends, not the normal places...Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui and Hua Hin, somewhere out of the ordinary!

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I've been invited to rather a grand cocktail and dinner party at the Sukhothai and would like some sparkling jewellery to go with the splendid dress I've found for the occasion! Not having the money to buy the real thing where can I buy some good quality costume jewellery in Bangkok?

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is there anyone interested in joining me for a japanese class (conducted in english by native japanese speakers)? I need another another 2 who are interested as the schools needs at least 3 to start a class. Most of the japanese language schools here conduct the lessons in thai. deb

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I'm in Thailand after graduating and considering what to try next. I met a guy who was telling me it was possible to study for an MBA in one of Thailand's universities. Is there any truth in this and if anyone is reading this that is doing it, or finished, any comments would be appreciated.

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Hi...we are very excited about coming to Bangkok for one week next month! I've read a couple of other threads on this forum about things to do in Bangkok, but what I was really interested in, was what we should do for a one day trip out of Bangkok. It has to be reasonably close, three hours drive max....but we are completely open to any suggestions!!

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Hi...I'm confused about the correct way to give or receive a name card. Some people say, just do it normally, others say with two hands and others say with one hand, but make sure the other hand is holding it!! Which is the correct way?

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Hi, I've been told that AVG is a free anti virus software that works well? Has anyone had any experiences with it? I don't want to buy the illegal stuff from Pantip as I've been told this is often full of viruses, trojans etc.

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Hi Everyone My name is Sue Raper We are trying to get in touch with an old friend. We are looking for Chris Short who moved to Thailand in 2006 from Scarborough North Yorkshire, he is originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire. We moved to Deux Sevres, France in December of that year and have lost his contact details. A long shot I know but I was wondering if anyone on this site knows him? We can be contacted on midgesue@orange.fr Any information would be great fully received. Many thanks Sue&Midge

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Hi...we are here on vacation and yesterday went to a National Park to look at some waterfalls. Very splendid and the whole park was well looked after. I met a very friendly Thai family and they told me that they only paid 20 baht each to enter the National Park. Well, we all paid 100 baht each so what's going on. The Thai family told me it was official park policy to charge tourists more than locals but it sounds a bit wrong to me? What's the real story?

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