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hello, i've just relocated to bkk fr singapore and hope to make new friends, especially housewives like myself. YYK

started by: Blue Water-448249 · last update: 1217341303 · posted: 1211617105

My husband has a very important conference and meeting coming up in a few months and wants to look his best. I know it's easy to find a tailor shop here in Bangkok! But wanted to get something made up extra special that will last for years and years and look exceptional. Has anyone any recommendations, but not from tailors please?!! Too many false reviews on lots of forums on the internet but I've become quite good at sniffing them out!!!

started by: happyexpat-448282 · last update: 1217255264 · posted: 1216905028

I'm looking for a tailor/seamstress who can make good-quality, simple children's clothing. Anyone know of someone? Thanks!

started by: andize · last update: 1216803565 · posted: 1216750709

There seems to be some confusion about the dates of public holidays in Thailand, especially the recent one. I had a look on this site and it said that last weeks holiday was on the Friday the 18th, but most businesses were closed on the Thursday and some on Friday as well! Surely the public holidays are the same every year, why the confusion? Andy

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The battery on my Toshiba lap top went from lasting an adequate 80 minutes to lasting only 20 minutes, 14 months after I had bought the computer and 2 months after the warranty had expired. Apparently a new Toshiba battery is 6,500 baht, I can buy one of these new netbooks for 16,000 baht! Has anyone tried the generic batteries you can buy locally? Are they any good and do they go up in flames!? Thanks. JAL

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Which is the best airline for now with good deals on flights back home? lu

started by: lizzie22 · last update: 1216679121 · posted: 1216393222

Hi, Someone was telling me that you shouldn't drink water from plastic water bottles that had been left in a car, which had been sitting in the sun? Something to do with the chemical reaction between the hot water and the plastic made the water dangerous to drink? Anyone any opinions?

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What is the number to call for the emergency services in Thailand? Will arrive on vacation soon and always like to know these things.

started by: Tina Jones-448662 · last update: 1216663117 · posted: 1216574331

Something has been puzzling me since I arrived in Thailand, why do labourers wear woolly balaclavas when it's so hot!?

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We've got some palm trees on about 35 rai of land close to Phuket which are producing a reasonable income and so we'd like to plant some more. The only thing, is that although I know the quality of the seed is very important for future yields, I'm not sure where to buy some top quality seeds/saplings. I'm not sure if anyone will know, but perhaps someone has been in a similar situation and can help? Thanks.

started by: joanne-448239 · last update: 1216542722 · posted: 1216285521

Would anyone be kind enough to explain the reason why it mostly rains at night during the rainy season. I love it, you wake up in the morning and all the dust and grime has been washed off and everything feels fresh in the morning. But I was wondering if there is a reason why it doesn't rain so much during the day, but mostly at night?

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Trying to contact David Booth, please contact re Roger if you read this message

started by: h.angel · last update: 1216376214 · posted: 1216156729

Hi, a friend of mine has just given birth at the BNH hospital and I'll be paying her a visit on Thursday. I don't know the area well and was wondering if there are there any good florists nearby?

started by: Mark Brothers · last update: 1216225786 · posted: 1216194497

I'm interested to know whether anyone has had any problem with overseas mail going missing when they send it by normal air mail, rather than the more expensive registered (EMS) way. Normally I send mail overseas using EMS (i think it's called EMS) and never have any problem, but I was wondering if normal air mail would be sufficient for the less important letters. Thanks Mark

started by: andize · last update: 1216200188 · posted: 1215766076

Apparently there is some government advert on TV telling people not to give to beggars on the street. Because they are run by street gangs and also because it encourages the problem. Seems a bit heartless, but is it true? Andy

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I would like to donate some money for charity and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good local charities.

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Hi, I'm not sure if anyone will know the answer to this, but I need to get some jewellery valued, a necklace and a diamond ring. I've no idea where to get this done and have asked some friends but have come up blank. Perhaps someone from this forum knows of a good jewellers? Rose

started by: A.Morgan · last update: 1215370394 · posted: 1215192194

Hi ... I need to convert a .pdf file to .jpeg without buying expensive software or risking buying the "software" from Pantip. When I google it there are lots of options for free open source software, but again I'm a little suspicious about exactly what I'm downloading. Has anyone done this before and can recommend some free software that works without downloading lots of nasty stuff onto your computer?

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My elderly parents are coming to stay for a few weeks and they've asked me to find out which sky train stations have lifts or escalators. They love using local transport but are getting on a bit and don't like the stairs if possible. Does anyone know which stations have an escalator or lift? That way they can plan there travels around Bangkok!

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I'm greeting all participants of this forum. And want to ask an advice form Bangkok citizens. I am living in Tashkent-capital of Uzbekistan. My relative is going to Thailand soon and I decided to buy digital camera there, particularly Samsung Digital Camera. I even had chosen two preferred models. 1.Samsung Digimax i85 2.Samsung Digimax L77 And now need to know answers on following questions: 1. How much do they cost, it is necessary for planning the amount of money. 2. Where it is possible to buy these models most cheap? I will be very grateful for the provision of such information.

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