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We've decided to get married in Bangkok and looking for a great wedding venue for about 100 guests. Budget is reasonable, we just want a very special day. Any suggestions?

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Can anyone recommend a good VOIP phone? I am looking for something that can just plug into my router and not my PC. Any ideas anyone? Are there any VOIP phones that are wireless?Thanks

started by: sunshine-448032 · last update: 1214481642 · posted: 1214481642

I require a translator to translate 60 pages (A4 size 10 font) from English to Thai. I require great references and examples of work. Can anyone recommend someone please? Please email

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I would like to know about the monk who lives outside Bangkok who has saved tigers from poachers and the tigers are supposed to roam freely. Are there any organised tours? how long does it take to get there? How safe is it? Rooni Soosa rooni

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I am interested to hear some positive reasons about why Bangkok is such a good place to live. As there are a lot of expats living here there must be a lot of reasons. For me it is with out a doubt the great food! Both Thai and international you will not go hungry in Bangkok! Camille

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I'm wanting to learn some more Thai. I've started to pick up some basic words and phrases, but can't seem to progress much further. Has anyone got some ideas?

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Dear All, I am contacting you from ITV in London where we are currently undertaking a project about British Ex-pats in Thailand who are in a dilemma about whether or not to return to the UK. We are looking for people who have set up a new life abroad but have failed to shake off that lingering attachment to Britain. So, how can you give up a sunny climate and great lifestyle for an image of Britain that may no longer exist? How can you be sure Britain can offer you anywhere near the lifestyle you have abroad? We offer people the chance to come back to the UK for one week to test drive its pros and cons. We analyse the positive aspects about a return to Britain whilst also highlighting the reason why you left in the first place. The issues tackled whilst back home are completed predicated upon the issues people want to resolve. For many it is looking round the types of properties they can afford back home whilst for others it’s addressing work opportunities, schooling concerns or just seeing how they would go about re-integrating themselves back into British society. Whatever your issues our goal is to ensure that by the end of the week our participants have all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to come home or remain an expat. If this sounds like you then please get in touch with me via email on michael.hanney@fevermedia.co.uk or 0044207 4285752 Best Wishes Michael

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I've got a few problems with a desk top computer and was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for a reliable computer repair service in Bangkok? just

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If you telephone the number for the taxi by telephone, do they speak English, do they send a taxi and does it arrive on time???

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Hi all, Looking for a good Thai language school that has flexible hours to suit a working person?

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Hello All, I'll be in BKK next month for business for a couple of weeks. I'd like to find somewhere to stay which is a bit nicer than your average business hotel, but not too expensive. Either a boutique style hotel or possibly a reasonably priced serviced apartment? Any suggestions? NZ

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Will have to travel to the UK soon for a short trip, usually I travel with Thai airways, but was thinking about making a change this time. What are the other airlines like for direct Bangkok - London flights?

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Some friends of mine are coming to stay and they want to get some portraits done of all the family. Nothing special or expensive, but a nice souvenir of there time in Thailand. Any ideas of a cheap place they can go to get it done?

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I was using the MRT and BTS to get around Bangkok yesterday and was really very impressed. The only problem was that it seemed I needed two separate tickets and couldn't get a one day ticket to allow me unlimited travel on both the sky train and metro. I tried asking one of the attendants but I'm not sure she understood. Can anyone help me by confirming that it is or it's not possible?

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In the past I've always bought Canon ink for my Canon printer. Yesterday when I went to buy some more ink there was a saleswoman trying to sell me some cheap ink. It was about half the price of the genuine stuff. I was under the impression that cheap ink would damage the printer? Is this true or is it just something that the printer manufacturers spread around so that everyone buys their ridiculously expensive ink?! Ruud

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My husband will be posted to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia soon and I'm a little worried about making the move with him. From what I've heard, things are fairly tough for women and am not convinced that I'm suited for it. Has anyone got any words of advice, reassuring or otherwise?

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I'm looking for an efficient travel agent. I've been using a couple for a while and I'm fed up with being messed around and virtually having to find them the best deals available on certain routes. Any good recommendations from anyone?? Stuart

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Does anyone bother to register with the British embassy when they are staying in Thailand and what is the point? Georgia

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My husband will be having his 50th birthday later this year and I am looking for a unique gift. Having been together 20 years I'm beginning to run out of ideas! Plus the fact that I am relatively new to Bangkok, means that I would appreciate any help with either ideas or places to go to look for presents. Thank you in advance Nora

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I want to find English language school for a thai friend in Central Bangkok...can anyone recommend anywhere...I know about Wall Street and AUA....any others?...beginner level

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