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I've got a reasonably expensive watch that has stopped working and I would like to get it repaired. Any recommendations for a good and honest watch repair shop? Mary

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Thailand: 9 Days in the Kingdom - For those of you who don't have a copy I would highly recommend going out to buy one this weekend. Some stunning photography and a great addition to any coffee table. http://www.9days-inthekingdom.com/ P.S I'm not the publisher! Just was so impressed wanted more people to know about it!

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Im looking to find a friendly easy going person to travel to Thailand with. Someone that will meet me there, and join me in finding accomodation and the best places to go and see, exploring Thailand . I am young 40 something woman in need of an adventure but not too keen on traveling around unknow territory alone unless I have to. The fact that we dont know where we are going, what to do and what to expect it would be great to have a traveling companion. We don't need to be joined at the hip, but we can go with the flow. I'm currently living in Cyprus for the last 3 years and just have itchy feet. My child has fleed the nest (boo hoo) so if I go for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years or more is really up to me. No nutters to reply!! This is serious haha. Call me on my mobile +357 99.070372 (Cyprus, Limassol)

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I'm a graduate with a couple of years experience with a small PR company in London, but looking to live in Thailand full time. What's the best way of going about finding a job in Bangkok? Are there particular papers or websites I should use. Or is there a recruitment company that deals specifically with English speakers?

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I've just finished a TEFL course and will be coming to Bangkok soon to look for work. Any advice or suggestions to make looking for work easier or how to adjust to life in Thailand would be appreciated. Thanks.

started by: Jo-447859 · last update: 1206264145 · posted: 1206194773

I tried some voice recognition software years ago and it was useless. But chatting to a friend of a friend last night she told me that the technology has greatly improved and that it works really well. Before spending some money, I wanted to know if anyone else had tried it lately? Jo

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I arrived here in Thailand on holiday last year and liked it so much I decided to stay! I'm still finding my feet a little, but am gradually settling in. I was hoping someone could help me by suggesting good ways of learning to speak Thai. I've got a Thai girlfriend and she speaks some English so we just find it easy to speak English all the time, even though I want to learn more. Are there any good books or recommended schools here in Bangkok? MW

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Hi everybody, as you know Valentine's day is coming, so I'm looking for a good florist which does flower deliveries. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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A note of warning for anyone driving to Central World. Make sure you make a note of the exact location of your car in the car park before you head off for some retail therapy. I spent an hour looking for my car in the car park last night! Even though there are only two floors of car parking there are several different sections, depending on whether you're going to Central World, Isetan, Offices and many more. If you don't remember which section you're in, it's a long walk around to find your car! Georgie

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Will be up in Bangkok next month for a few days and its a long long time since I last spent any time there apart from transiting at the airport. My hotel is right next to a Metro station and I wasn't sure whether to give it a try or not? Is it safe? Overcrowded? Dirty? Do you have to wait a long time for the trains. They may sound like silly questions, but I had a bad experience on the New York subway years ago and before I venture under the ground again, I wanted to get some reassurance that its safe?

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I'm coming to Thailand soon for a holiday and was wondering how fast the average internet connection was in internet cafes? Will it be possible to use skype and do a bit of work?

started by: Martha-447210 · last update: 1205092960 · posted: 1189004351

I'm interested in any experiences about long term Thai/Farang relationships. There seems to be a lot of relationships that fall under this category but I would imagine there is a lot of potential for cultural misunderstandings! I'm trying to make a decision on whether to make a short term relationship long term! Martha

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I've started to plan our summer holiday and want to rent a villa in France for a few weeks. There's a mass of websites out there that offer villa rental, but not sure which one to use? Has anyone had any experiences of online holiday villa websites? Thanks to anyone who may answer!

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I've got an old but very expensive leather bag that I would like to get repaired if possible. The zip needs replacing but there is also a small hole that needs fixing if possible. Does anyone know of a place that can do a good job of repairing leather bags? jj

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My wireless adaptor stopped working so after trying a few simple solutions I thought I'd try deleting the software and then reloading it. Of course, when I came to reload the software I couldn't find the installation disc! Is there any way I can get this thing working again without the installation disc? Stuart

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There are many road and sideroad (called "Soi" in Thai) in Bangkok. Some of them are very dangerous, even for Thai people. So, you have to avoid going there. The names of them are as follows.1)Soi Ladphrao 21, Chatuchak DistrictThis is about 500 metres long and about 150 households. None of shop or store so there are not so busy around there. There are many criminals such as a robbery and sometimes the victims get killed too.2)Soi Vibhavadi 64, Lak Si DistrictJintra village (4th project) located here. But there are untidy and deserted so snatching was occurred as normal.3)Soi Charan Sanit Wong 37, Bangkok Noi DistrictMany gangsters use here to meeting their members. Car breaking and rape are occured very often. At night there are very dark and scary. 4)Soi Charan Sanit Wong 89, Bang Phlat District This is a meeting point of narcotic sellers and also crowded by a robber and gangsters.5)Soi Suan Pak 11, Taling Chan DistrictThis is a sideroad of Suan Pak Road. At night there are very weird. Many criminals occured and the police can not catch anybody. Make your trip to Bangkok more valuable http://smartaim.blogspot.com

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I am going on a 3 month vacation leaving Bangkok. Are there any places where I can store( in Bangkok) a few items such as a microwave, gas stove and a few pots and pans,etc?

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Too much Singha, and my pants need letting out! Also other things like replacing jacket linings. Anyone got experience of a really good tailor? (Not the two suits and five shirts for 100USD variety).

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Does anyone know if before they spend all this money extending the sky train (which is good news) are they gong to buy some more carriages for each train? It's getting crowded travelling by Sky Train even in the middle of the day, they just need to put a couple of extra carriages on each train and it would help solve the problem? Zeb

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I'm coming on holiday to Thailand in April and will be spending 5 days in Bangkok. I was wondering what the best way was to travel around. What sort of transport is available in Bangkok? Should I hire a car or are there good taxis? What's the driving like and are there any decent buses? Any help will be much appreciated. Apple

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