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I'm looking for a good hotel in Bangkok that's reasonably priced but typically Thai, not part of an international chain of hotels. Preferably something close to the centre. Any ideas? Apple

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Any ideas about where is the best place to buy an interesting Valentine's gift in Bangkok? Also, if anyone has got some ideas about interesting presents it would be helpful! phillipe

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I have to have some minor surgery carried out and have time to pick and choose which hospital I will use. As my health insurance pays for everything, I was interested in which international hospital had the best reputation in Bangkok? Huai

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A friend of mine who was in Bangkok was warning me about jewellery scams that happen in Bangkok. As I was thinking about buying some bargain jewellery, it's got me a bit worried. Does anyone know exactly what the scam involves and what I should be looking out for to buy some genuine stuff? Apple

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Anyone got some ideas about the best book for a beginner to learn Thai? There's a lot of choice so i was hoping to get some recommendations. Zeb

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Is there anyone that organises speed dating or similar nights in Bangkok for professional people? I used to do this in the UK and it was always great fun! zzz

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Hi all, I want to buy a Sanyo travel cooker. It is a compact /small cooker with a pan and a bag. I have searched for it at Central Chidlom, Central World, Siam Paragon, Big-C, Carrefour and Tesco Lotus at Rama IV, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know where I can buy it in Bangkok? Any shop that specialize in selling items for travelling? Many thanks in advance Cheers, cinn

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Does anyone know anything about a luxurious train journey between the North of Thailand to Singapore. I think the company that runs it is the Eastern & Oriental Express?

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I live in Phuket and have to start coming to Bangkok regularly on business. Anyone got any idea of a good hotel, close to or on the river? Thanks phillipe

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Can anyone fill me in with some info about mobile high speed internet in Bangkok. I've heard it exists but not sure where to get it from, how much it costs and what the speeds are like? TC

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I am in Hong Kong and have three months to get down to singapore where I fly back to Europe. I assumed I could get different visas from consulates in Hong Kong or Hanoi, I have ones for China and Vietnam, but I will be crossing and visiting cambodia, thailand, and malaysia toward singapore. Questions, Will I be able to get visas at the borders, or do I need to get visas at HK or Hanoi? Will I need a flight in thailand to get a visa? For example my flight is in Singapore in two months and I am entering thailand from cambodia?? Any help will relax my nerves and will be appreciated; thanks

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Hi, where is the best place to chill out on Khao San road? I'd like to know some other places, but my favourite is "Bangkok bar". Any ideas are welcome!

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I'm looking to reupholster a lazyboy chair-recliner and a couch. Does anyone know of a good place in Bangkok. Also, I'm also interested to know if someone knows of a good place to get quality material. I might be interested in trying leather recovering this time around JK

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The Royal Trophy Golf Championship has been postponed because of Thailand's mourning period over the passing of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana. Golfer1

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Many events have been cancelled due to the mourning period for HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2008/01/05/headlines/headlines_30061260.php Please check before travelling to any event that it is still taking place. Gavin

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My parents are coming to visit at Easter and they'd like to attend a church on Easter Sunday. Can anyone help me by suggesting a church in Bangkok that they could visit? Thanks. Jam

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Does anyone know where to buy a PS3 at a good price? Thanks in advance!

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Happy New Year to everyone!! Gavin

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I'm looking for a reliable jewellery repair shop that can do some gilding and repairs and finish within a couple of hours.

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Hope everyone has an excellent Christmas Day!! From everyone at AngloINFO Bangkok. Gavin

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