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Does anyone know a good place for buying Christmas and New Year gifts? Are there any fairs held in Bangkok where I could do all my Christmas shopping at the same time?

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I'm looking for a genuine antique shop in Bangkok. It doesn't have to be Thai antiques although, they would be good as well. I'm really looking for any genuine antiques from anywhere in Asia; China, Indonesia, India or Thailand. Any suggestions?!  Thai Holiday

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Does anyone know any good secondhand brand name shops in Bangkok? Now, fashion brand name clothes are extremely expensive. So, I wanna sell some of mine and buy some of theirs! Paris

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Hello everybody, I'm looking for a furniture shop which can renovate or build some furniture for my condo. Does anyone know one?

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Can anyone recommend a good tailor or dressmaker? I need an affordable price suit. Thanks for any recommendations. Bree

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Does anyone know anything about the river boats in Bangkok? They always seem to be really busy but I'm nervous getting on one because I don't know where they go, how much they cost and whether they are safe? Any advice welcome.

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Hi, Are there any discounts for paying a one time monthly payment for Sky Train tickets. I tried to get some information from the guy behind the counter but his English was not too good, although much better than my Thai. If someone could explain how the ticketing works for the sky train, that would be much appreciated. Thanks. OD

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I just read that the the royal barge procession for the Royal Krathin (robe-giving) ceremony will disrupt river boats on the Chao Phraya river from Krung Thon Buri bridge to the Phra Puttha Yodfah bridge between 11:30am and 9pm on Monday. Watch out if you use them to go to work! OD

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Hi, I am writing from France, but am coming to Thailand for a holiday in a couple of months. I would like to buy the Pentax Optio W30, and have been told cameras are really cheap over there. Could someone possibly try & find out the average price for this in one Bangkok, PLEASE. (So I can see if it is worth it to wait a bit....) THANK YOU!

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Has anyone gone to the Commart Comtech 2007 at QCC yet? Do they have good prices for DLP or LCD projectors? Joe

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Has anyone took the train to Hua Hin? What's it like or is it just easier to hire a taxi for the trip there? I've heard you can fly down there now? Sarah

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Thought I'd add the following as an explanation of the 2 special days on 26th and 27th of this month. October 26th - Pavarana DayThis is the official end of the Rains retreat for monks. For 3 months each year the monks stay in one temple or designated area without leaving over night other than for very special reasons, including to visit sick relatives or monks, help a monk who is in danger of disrobing, or to teach laypeople Dhamma. Even then, they only leave for a maximum of 7 days. This custom predates Buddhism, and the story goes that the laypeople complained to the Buddha that his monks were trampling their newly planted crops, prompting him to call for the monks to observe the Rains retreat period as other Samana did at the time. The time is often used in programs of Buddhist study for new monks, as many come to ordain for the period, or for Vinaya study.This year the Lunar calendar has the end of the Rains (called ‘Pansa’ in Thai, or Vassa in Pali) on the 26th October, and the next morning the monks are officially free of the travel restrictions The day is called “Pavarana Day”, and Pavarana means ‘to invite’. In this instance it means to invite ones fellow monks and nuns to admonish oneself. After everyone is done admonishing each other forgiveness is given, thus one can say that Pavarana day is ‘forgiveness day’. The next morning many monks leave the temple to visit family or move to a new residence.(full blog http://littlebang.wordpress.com/2007/10/21/pavarana-day/ )27th Tak Baat Tae-woThis festival is called the ‘Tak Baht Thaewo’ and is essentially an auspicious pindapada, almsround. It is in commemoration of the end of the Buddha’s 7th Rains retreat when he came down from the Tavatimsa heaven. The story goes that he had been teaching Abhidhamma (philosophical explanation of how mind and matter work) to his mother who I am sure you know, passed away 7 days after the Buddha’s birth. He descended from that heavenly relm via a triple staircase of Silver, Gold, and Emerald - and you can see an image of this behind the main Buddha statue in most temples.During the Rains retreat the Buddha had come back to this world, leaving a replica of himself teaching the Devas in heaven, each day and gave a summary of the teaching to Sariputta. Apparently only Devas have the capacity to understand Abhidhamma, but Sariputta insisted that the world of men have access to the summaries. The Abhidhamma in fact is larger than the Suttas and Vinaya sections of the Tipitaka. Most scholars consider the Abhidhamma to be the work of later scholars who rearranged the teaching into, essentially, a big set of lists. It is still Buddha-Dhamma, but rearranged.The Buddha descended from the heaven just in time to lead a procession of 100 arahant monks out on almsround about the town.Anyhow, the ceremony on the 27th, the day after exiting the official Rains period, is in memory of this event, and lay people take food to offer the monks as they circumambulate the central chapel of each temple. One variation is the Tak Baat Phra Roy (100 monks almsround) festival which started in Pathom Thani, where the monks go almsround by boat. I can't figure out how ti insert images, but there are a couple of small ones on the blog : http://littlebang.wordpress.com/2007/10/21/tak-baat-thewo/ www.littlebang.wordpress.com

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Does anyone know where can I buy Amway products in Bangkok?

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Last few days, my cousins went to the Grand Palace and tried to take a Tuk-Tuk to go to MBK. They weren't careful enough about the price and they over paid. It cost 400 baht!!! It was my fault as I didn't tell them how to handle tricky drivers. What does anyone think about this?

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Does anyone know some decent cheap places to stay as close to the center of Bangkok as possible? Andy

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Hi everybody, does anyone know a good travel agent in Bangkok? Now, I'm finding a plane ticket with a good rate (Bangkok-Frankfurt) for my relative. Waiting for your helps! Thanks! Maya

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I would like to change the hip size and shorten the length of my jeans. Can anyone recommend a shop or person who speaks English that can do this for me? Marine

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Does anyone know a decent travel agent in Bangkok. I'm looking for someone that actually tries to get you the cheapest flight rather than the flight that will get them the best commission!! Any help gratefully received thanks. Jack

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I'm coming to Thailand soon on holiday. I've been thinking about a change of direction in my career and wanted to look into teaching English in Thailand. My husband to be can easily get work anywhere in the world so we were thinking about Thailand as a place to live for a couple of years. I'd like to do something and was wondering what the availability of English teacher's jobs was like? And what the pay would be like? Hitched

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I wanted to find some more information about Thai people and their culture. You hear so much on the news but I was hoping to find a book that would help me learn a little more about what is a fascinating country.MW

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