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Sorry to have to inform you that there is a new wave of pick pocketers  on the  Bangkok BTS. This is during very busy times. Westerners are targeting other westerners.  They may brush or push up against you several times. You may not think any thing of it being so squashed. Quess what you were just the new victim.  I have witnessed this. Please be careful and pass the word on.  

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Before moving to Thailand I bought a converter that was supposed to change the TV broadcast signal from PAL to NTSC. I paid a lot for this unit and was told that it was all that was needed, other than a voltage transformer, to make my TV work. However, I find that this is not the case and I'm stuck with a really nice big screen TV that I can't watch. I have enlisted the help of various persons to try and help, but alas, no one can come up with an answer as to why it won't work. I even contacted the company that  manufactured the conversion unit and they were kind enough to send me a replacement unit. Unfortunately, that didn't help, and I still can't get the TV to work. I guess what I'm asking is, is there anyone out there who has had this same problem? If there is, and you managed to overcome the problem, how and what did you do?  I would really appreciate any help that anyone can offer me.  

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Yesterday I lost some work because I was late for an appointment. The people I was supposed to meet were nice but said they had to get the job done immediately. I lost 7000 Baht which isn't a mega amount but still worth having. It got me thinking if anybody else lost money because of this.

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The Samsung s4 seems to be getting a lot of advertising these days all though most of my friends have iphones. Can an owner of an s4 tell me it's advantages over the iphone 5. I can see it's slightly bigger but what about other stuff like camera and it's performance etc.

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Dose anyone know where I can get a map of where the protesters are and where any planned rallies are going. My neighbour got caught in traffic for a couple of hours yesterday. With a map I can go around the trouble spots and save time.

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I live out by Don Muang and over the last couple of weeks have noticed a considerable increase in air traffic over my house. From 8 in the morning till 8 at night they seem to come 3 or 4 an hour. The tousist season must be in full swing.

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Does anyone know where I can by tobbaco for roll ups and papers. I live on the outskirts of Bangkok and have had no luck in finding a place. I guess in the city there are some places but where, can anyone advice.

started by: cowgirl-905152 · last update: 1382264244 · posted: 1379754713

A few years ago here in Bangkok you'd realise that the winter had arrived with some nice sunny blue sky cooler days  quiet chilly in the morning and  evening, last year I cannot even remember if there was a winter! What do people think will happen this year, do I get my jacket out of storage?

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The rumour has it that Chang Wattana is really the place developement is coming to, and that the Sky Train will be going along there in the future, is this true. If that is the case it will be great for the area, amenties will be in abundance and ofcourse land prices will go up which is good for me as I own land there.

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Was in the Mall on Chang Wattana the other day and saw a shop selling Xmas stuff such as trees,lights and decorations. what made me smile was they were playing Xmas tunes as well. Xmas is coming everyone the goose is getting fat lol.

started by: Geoff.T-392771 · last update: 1380981987 · posted: 1380907213

Does anyone know if there is a regular van service from Suvarnabhumi airport to Ban Phe for Ko Samet or do I have to haggle with a taxi driver.  If there is a van service where does it leave from and at what times.   Thanks   Geoff.T

started by: Minnie me-905147 · last update: 1379669652 · posted: 1379425307

Was on the sky train the other day and it was quiet crowded. There were many teenager students sat while there was a few oldish people standing. Not one of the students gave up their seat, I think they were too busy on their phones. I actually gave up my seat to someone younger than myself as the passenger looked uncomfortable and weak. Maybe innercity kids are cold and selfish.

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Over years like most have collected a fair amount of clothes now I need to give to charity, but where, which one, do they collect, need these questions answered.

started by: skylar-878297 · last update: 1379087481 · posted: 1379087481

Went to foodland the other day at Laksi IT Square and noticed opposite by the railway line they had widened the road and demolished the pylons left by the Hopewell project. The road is really wide ther now anyone know what they are going todo with all that space.

started by: musicman-894720 · last update: 1378972617 · posted: 1378972617

I live at Laksi and was wondering where the nearest Catholic Church is. So far Saint Johns at Lad Prow seems to be the closest.

started by: sarah bkk · last update: 1377074141 · posted: 1377074141

Need to buy some new Crocs, the last ones I bought were from the local market and only lasted 6 months, they must have been fake. Where can I buy the real deal for the best price?

started by: marike · last update: 1377073831 · posted: 1377073831

Just fed up with the police holding up the traffic so that they can extract fines from you during the day. At rush hour the traffic is bad because of so many cars, and during the day when there are less cars we still have Jams because the police are closing lanes and stopping bikes and vehicles. I thought the trafiic police's duty was to keep traffic moving!!!!!! sorry had to get this off my chest.

started by: Sanuk · last update: 1376669229 · posted: 1376620138

Can anyone recommend a company that will make and fit/install curtains?  

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Made To Order Patio & Mobile Pizza Ovens Made to order wood fired Patio Pizza Oven on steel counter, Size 120 x 120 cm, weight about 650 kg, can bake up to 15 pizzas per hour, or 150 x 150 cm, weight about 800 kg, makes up to 60 pizzas per hour. Oven average operating temperature approx. 380C.Pick up price Bangkok; THB 140,000.00 + 7%VAT for size 120 x 120 cmPick up price Bangkok; THB 220,000.00 + 7%VAT for size 150 x 150 cmTransportation could be arranged but is not included in the above price.for more information also have a look on www.facebook.com/pizza.aroyInterested parties please send us a message via FB (www.facebook.com/pizza.aroy) or call Mr. Willy under 081 815 7440 | email: yu@pizza-aroy.com or reply to this classified.

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I am looking for good health insurance, not the 'local' amounts paid out, can anybody reccomend a good company?

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