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Hi all does anyone know of any government or charity organisations that can help a woman suffering violence from her partner. She does not want to marry the guy but he is bullying her in many ways and has now started to hit her. Any help much appreciated.

started by: riclagriclag · last update: 1358208467 · posted: 1355772397

Hi the website use to have a Thai dictionary.I can't seem to find it 

started by: riclagriclag · last update: 1357930308 · posted: 1355772234

I like Thai songs ,Especially ???????????????????? but I would like to translate the Title to English grammar .(Me or her to change to) isn't correct grammar. Can you help please with the title only. I 

started by: Melanie U · last update: 1353437181 · posted: 1353311627

Hi there   Does anyone know a Company in Bangkok that I can source Soy Wax from?   Thanks

started by: dennis-455139 · last update: 1351336255 · posted: 1349249593

Where's the best restaurant for lamb? Or I'm even looking for a shop that sells very good lamb!

started by: luk kreung · last update: 1350902261 · posted: 1349871912

Can i find any windsurfing schools not too far from Bangkok?

started by: jest · last update: 1350587403 · posted: 1350301812

Can anybody help! I need to find a list of companies that provide the correct authorised exam for a UK settlement visa.   Thanks!

started by: De Part · last update: 1350586170 · posted: 1350222952

What's it like? Seems a bit pricy to me unless it is truly world class?

started by: grape.vine · last update: 1349978996 · posted: 1348835084

what are the pros and cons of doing this in bangkok?

started by: J.89 · last update: 1349782548 · posted: 1342715058

Coming to Bangkok for a week in October and I was wondering if there is still a lot of rain or has the dry season started?

started by: JB-447217 · last update: 1349697903 · posted: 1348245841

I read on another forum that you can't return to the UK and get free health treatment if you have been out of the country for more than 5 years? As someone who paid taxes for 30 years but enjoying retirement in Thailand I find this disgraceful, but is it really the case?

started by: riclagriclag · last update: 1349645991 · posted: 1349645991

Hi, Maybe I'm stupid or maybe something is mis communicated here.I do in fact see and use the translator. Someone please tell me where the dictionary use to be I want to be able to see the phonics and the meanings of the thai words.

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Best restaurants in bangkok for so called "Fine Dining"?

started by: riclagriclag · last update: 1349614562 · posted: 1347989912

I don't see the old translation page. I bookmarked it along time ago and now it says the page doesn't exsit .

started by: Mallaca · last update: 1349606188 · posted: 1349289241

Can anybody help by recommending a cheap way to ship a few boxes to New Zealand?

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A provider of satellite tv has some very persistant sales people that insist on trying to selling you add on's to their standard packages ...sometimes even when the add on is actually included in the package for free! Be careful, i have just got off the phone with a woman that was telling me the BBC World News wasn't included in the gold package even though i was looking at the website telling me it was! Eventually after i insisted on talking with her manager did she suddenly realise she had made a "mistake"!!!  

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Is it possible to get Netflix in Thailand?

started by: GltnCo · last update: 1349081208 · posted: 1348853363

Where can I get a passport standard photo done? Thanks.

started by: Jissa · last update: 1349014763 · posted: 1348767552

Looking for on-line shopping & home delivery within central Bangkok.

started by: Peter8 · last update: 1348856614 · posted: 1327582056

I’m looking for a private tutor to help a beginner learn Spanish – Silom area at lunchtimes.

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