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Does anyone know a shop in Thailand where you can buy Tena for men?

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Does anyone know whether Bangkok tap water, if boiled, is safe to drink both for me and my two year old child?Ruud

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Hi, we are making homemade masks and distributing them to our network. They seem to work well. What have you been doing to help in this time of need?

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i'm a personal trainer in bangkok , for lose weight ,buid muscle, meal prep for personalityi can go to your condogym or homegym,but if you want to get best performance and good result you can come in my gym at sukimwit 56 near bts onnutwant to lose weight get new shape and healthy please call me:081-711-1906, line:nipponjp 

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Can anybody recommend a reliable and effective clinic in Bangkok to treat hair loss.

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Are hairdos too pricey in the city? My friend runs a salon in Ngam Wong Wan- coloring starts at 600 baht

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Hiya!. Anybody tried the weight loss pills to shed the flab that takes over your body at times!

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My son is 17 years old and is suffering from quiet bad acne. We would like to take him to a clinic but there are so many we are a little confused. Can anyone recommend one THX

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Will be visiting BKK for 3 weeks and would like to make an appointment with a good urologist. I had radical prostate surgery two months ago in Australia  and would like some advice on ongoing therapies for ED etc.    

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Any recommendations as to where one can buy good quality and well priced spectacles in Bangkok please?

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Does anyone know if one can buy these in Bangkok? Need Level 1 pads after a radical prostatectomy. Thank you for any info.

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Looking to do a bit of reconstruction while on holiday in Thailand, but I've got no idea which plastic surgery clinic to choose. Obviously would like to get some recommendations from people that have been there and done it?

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Some friends are visiting soon and they have asked me to find a good value spa in Bangkok, I know about the more famous ones but they have a price tag to match! Any others that can do a range of treatments, they all want different things....and won't cost the earth!

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Which are the most value for money gyms that are located in central bangkok. I'm looking for a 3 to 6 month membership and want a full on gym with sauna and pool etc.

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Does anyone know here where to by an accurate portable blood pressure monitor. A brand name I am familiar with is Microlife. I have seen some around but did not recognise the brand name.

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Does anyone know of a dental hospital that does reasonably priced implants. The research I've done so far reveals that prices range from 40,000 to 70,000 Baht. I feel that this is a little expensive.

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I want to get my eyes fixed with laser surgery. So far I've been quoted 35,000 baht per eye at a place on Thonglor is this a fair price can anyone tell me thx.

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I want to find a hospital where I can go for a medical check. Some of the prices are outrageous so I was wondering if anyone here knows of a place that is good and reasonably priced.

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Can anyone recommend a beauty salon which does eyebrow and chin threading?  I can only find some very old posts on this topic.  Thanks

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I suffer from mild to medium panic attacks and get Zanex perscribed by a hospital for this. However they only give me a strip of 10 each time no more, which means I have to go back to the hospital each time I run out. Is there anyway I can get more than this so that I don't have to keep going back twice a month which takes so much time.

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