Allergy from the damp?

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Does anybody suffer from allergies brought on by the dampness/mould of the rainy season?

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DonKnox 1312884325

Living in a room with damp walls or mould can increase your risk of ashma according to the BBC news website on 17th may 2011 A study of over 10,000 Finnish students found that living in damp homes not only increased the risk of asthma, but left residents with a greater chance of repeated colds and skin allergies.

People living in damp houses were found to need more antibiotics than others and were more likely to suffer from pneumonia, bronchitis or tonsillitis. The study published in the journal Thorax, showed that one in seven of the students quizzed had homes with mould, damp stains or water damage.Moulds release tiny spores into the air that can trigger asthma symptoms.

The study also found that just under 40% of the students who lived in damp homes had suffered pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis or tonsillitis over the last year. Mould spores can be found in damp places in the home like kitchens and bathrooms. Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed to prevent dampness spreading to other parts of the house and keep rooms well aired and try to avoid condensation

jess_jones 1313061740

I've done a bit of research myself and I'm convinced there is a connection.

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