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Bad back pain. Any suggestions for treatments that don't involve hospitals or drugs.....


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Hi there. Have you tried any alternatives for your back ??? Depending on the exact location of the back pain / problem wearing red from the waist down will help if its lower back. This relates to you base chakra and the colour red (this chakra relates to all bodily functions from the waist down) Chakras are the main energy centers of the body. Also what about other therapies?? I've been teaching Reiki for about 9 years and to be honest when I had a pretty bad car accident many years ago (and was hit from behind stationary at the traffic lights at about 50mph) it was the only thing which really helped to make it bearly for any length of time. I tried everything, spent thousands at the osteopaths over many years and acupuncture,etc etc you name it i tried. Also I personally find a Thai massage does wonders for my back (because I do like a strong massage) but the thai massage is also based on clearing the smaller energy centers of the body, working on the meridians.

If you'd like some distant healing sending just let me know your whereabouts (name and location) and I will gladly send you some and you will certainly notice a difference. You can also receive free healing at oen of my website through my photo, just google free reiki healing NOW and you'll see it. There you will also find information, advice and suggestions to improve our health & change your Life all simple, all free. Hope the back is feeling better very soon!!!

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A friend recommended an osteopath who i'm trying tomorrow. Lets see how that goes.

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Here is your answer:

Dr. Don - Sukhumvit Soi 23 tel:02 258 0350

My back got screwed up playing sports and lifting heavy amplifiers, drums, etc when I was playing in a band back in my university days. The pain was so bad it took me half an hour in the morning to get out of bed, so once I graduated I stared seeing a chiropractor since I knew no doctor could fix this. The X-ray showed that my lower back was quite messed up, so I started going 5 times a week, then three times, then once, and now I go once a year for maintenance or whenever I feel I need it. I have been going to chiropractors for about 30 years and during that time I have lived in 5 cities and in all that time I can say that this guy is the best I have ever seen - by far. He is well-established here and has absolutely unbelievable skills. He works most days (including Sundays). Do yourself a favour and go see him.

My name is Les Walsh and I am only too happy to recommend him. The guy is absolutely phenomenal.

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Has been some lets see after a few visits.

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Hello, how's it going? Has it worked, can you let me know as I have the same problem and I'm considering the alternatives. Thanks.

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